Maharashtra bans beef, 5 years jail, Rs 10,000 fine for possession or sale

Thanks to Indian Express for this article!!! It is possible to ban and we need to ban first in Kerala and then in Tamilnadu. Click on Related article links to see how Kerala has been leading in cow slaughter. Let us pray Periyava for a day when Tamilnadu & Kerala has a total ban on cow slaughter.


Beef lovers in Maharashtra will now have to do without the red meat as President Pranab Mukherjee has given his assent to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 1995, nearly 19 years after the Maharashtra Assembly passed the Bill during the BJP-Shiv Sena rule in 1995.

The slaughter of cows was previously prohibited in the state under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act of 1976. However, the passage of the new Act will ban the slaughter of bulls as well as bullocks, which was previously allowed based on a fit-for-slaughter certificate.

The new Act will, however, allow slaughter of water buffaloes, which provides carabeef — generally seen as an inferior quality meat that makes up only 25 per cent of the total beef market in the state. Beef traders claim the move will not only render thousands jobless, but will also drive up the cost of other meats in the state.

“Thanks a lot Hon President Sir for the assent on Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill. Our dream of ban on cow slaughter becomes a reality now,” Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis tweeted.

“This is a historic step, which has cultural as well as economic implications for the state. We had passed this Act when we were in power in 1995 and had sent it for the President’s nod in 1996. Subsequent governments in the state, however, failed to do the needful to get the Bill implemented. We had promised in our manifesto to bring this Bill and we have managed to do it,” BJP MP from Mumbai Kirit Somaiya said.

The President had signed the Bill and sent it to the Ministry of Home Affairs, which then informed the Maharashtra Governor of the decision.

Now, anyone found to be selling beef or in possession of it can be jailed for five years and fined Rs 10,000.

The beef trade in the state is largely controlled by Muslims of the Qureshi caste. “Apart from rendering people jobless, the immediate effect will be the spiralling price of other meats as people will be forced to gravitate to them,” president of the Mumbai Suburban Beef Dealer Association Mohammed Qureshi said.

Beef, generally seen as the poor man’s meat, costs almost a third of mutton. Mumbai alone consumes nearly 90,000 kg of mutton every day, sold through 900 licensed stalls and an equal number of illegal stalls.

Beef traders said they are checking if they can take legal recourse. “We are now holding deliberations to see if we can challenge this in any way. The beef traders have been impacted but it will be the farmers who will be affected the most. Who will care for the old and

infirm animals that were earlier sold for meat?” Arif Chowdhury, an office bearer of the All India Jamiatul Quresh, an organisation of beef traders, said.

“A recent government report has stated that there is nearly 61 per cent fodder shortage in the state. By banning the slaughter of old and infirm animals, the government is doing grave injustice to the healthy animals and farmers of Maharashtra,” Rajendra Dhende, a beef trader from Sangli, said.

Right-wing groups and Jain organisations have been asking for shutting down of the abattoirs and beef trade in the state.

Beef traders across Maharashtra were on strike for over a week in February to protest against the alleged harassment being meted out to beef traders. Fadnvais had later assured protection to beef traders after a delegation met him, which led to the strike being called off.

Glyston Gracias, brand chef at Smoke House Deli, Mumbai, said, “This is extremely sad to hear. I will have to go to another country. Most of the dishes at the restaurant are based on European cuisine. A lot of our foreign clientele, such as Japanese and Europeans, will miss beef on the menu. We will also lose out on alcohol sales because beef and beer go really well. I will find it difficult to do international cuisine.

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  1. Dear Devotees, there are many like arunachalam above whose only business is to spread half cooked news.. There is no truth and all they do is spread lies in the garb of truth.. But as Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says to Arjuna, Mahaperiyavaa in ‘Deivathin kural’ had answered all questions and asks us to stand up for dharma.
    If people are really interested to learn true history of India and know how cheap tricks were played by westerners to distport our history, please refer to this good site on authentic Indian and world history.
    As for the origin of foods, we all know if you search our shraadha food sources, they will all be Indian native plants. As for cow’s milk for thayir, its actually buffalos milk we use for thayir and cow’s milk is used as medicine. Mahaperiyavaa had written in detail on greatness of native cow’s milk as amrutham in deivathin mural, hence no need to be vegan – vegan is like another western idiotic invention, just its there for the season,fashion for the followers of west.. They will change once white man announces a new fashion…so no need to heed people like arunachalam or give any kind of importance to what they say..

  2. Sorry – I wasn’t following the comments too closely until now…I just realized that there is a lot going on. Arunachalam – did you realize that you are in a wrong place? There are lot of other forums where your statements like “Ganesha was invented by Guptas” “Rig veda is Greek-influenced” would be seriously lauded….Seriously, this isn’t a place for you. I suggest you pick your right forum and a right battle.

    • mahesh, this is the best comment. Let us not continue this fighting and spoiling the atmosphere. arunachalam is comment like charvagam or politics or some such. people like that are there he is in wrong place at wrong time

  3. Kind Attn: Sri Vijay parthasarathy and Sri Arunachalam (I like this name and the kshetram)

    This is the ‘karshma’ of Mahaperiva. The divine thought (received from Mahaperiva’s blog) of today is as follows:

    “The holy Ganges flows eastwards, the Narmada westwards and Mahanadhi from south to north, but all of them merge with the same ocean. The rivers do not know that they are reaching the same place. Similarly, we pray to God in different ways. The paths are different, but what takes under ts care is only one. When following different paths, we should not gorget the unity and the oneness of God. There is no happiness n thnking of the differences” – Maha Periva

  4. Gosh! Vijay Parthasarathy and Arunachalam seem to be matured (only seemed to be matured) but not in real. Both are fighting for same cause with different angle and instigating each other egos. Are we here for that brothers? Would we do something for betterment of this society? I know we need to counter some illogical statements but that is when it comes from outsiders not within house. Please, for Periva sake, lets be unite for good cause.

  5. Very good news for cow lovers.Cow a sacred and soft animal doing no harm but feeding thousands of people, children young and old should not be killed. We call a cow as ‘Gomatha’ It is cruel to kill a cow for its meat.. Stern action should betaken who violates this law.

  6. @Vijay. Be INDIAN, buy INDIAN. How our Indian cows can be sent to Brazil I say! How they can contaminate our INDIAN cows with foreign cows (no. I meant, foreign pigs)! Anti-INDIAN.

    Ingredients of namma oor sambaar:
    Rice = Originated in China (Athiests)
    Paruppu = Originated in Turkey (food of those invaders who destroyed our temples!)
    Potato = South America
    Tomato = Central America
    Smartphone (for recipe) = US/China

    Pooshnikai and kathrikai are Indian. Let us petition the government to never let foreign things infiltrate our country. Let us start by eating kathrika curry for breakfast lunch and dinner. I don’t see how I will ever get tired of that.

    I’m out, amigos. though I’ve never had this much fun.

    In all seriousness, the good thing is that your kids will on average be more open minded that you. There is hope in this world.

    • @arunachalam,
      Rice, pulses and vegetables all grow in India.. This is a karma bhoomi and divinely blessed for sathvic people. That’s the reason my shastras order me to eat only native foods and avoid foreign food. If you are interested in Mahaperiyavaa, please continue in this forum but avoid your egoistic attitude.. Adakkam amararul uykkum adangaamai aarirul uyththuvidum – that’s Thirukkural. Mahaperiyavaa in dheivathin mural gives the above information on eating native. India has everything.. Only place in world where ‘mannai keerinaa pon aagum’ is true. Our forefathers did not achieve their greatness with the food from atheist China or Turkey.. That’s why even for shraadham we use only native vegetables to honor them. I pray to Mahaperiyavaa feet to provide both to you and your children knowledge of geography and history of India from authentic sources.

      Seeking grace of Mahaswamy,
      P. Vijay

      • @Vijay. Our axioms are so completely different, there can be no meeting ground. For the record, I will defend your right to express yourself just as I would defend my right to satirize and criticize. I’m glad you’ve found your path to begin to answer life’s deep questions. Billions of people throughout history have tried in their own way. For some of them (even Ancient Brahmins in India), cows/native food/vegetarianism did not enter the equation. It takes a lot more ego to claim that your way is the “right” way for ALL and not just you personally. I may be an egoist, but only at a very superficial level. I don’t claim to know the answers for everyone.

        The beauty of our country and our culture is that it is accommodating and assimilating, ever changing. Many cultures are that way, but it is very clearly illustrated in the case of India. Some of our languages like Old Sanskrit have a central asian origin. Some of our post-rig veda rituals are Greek influenced. The concept of puja, temples, Bhakti movement. were Buddhist inspired. Ganesha was a creation of the Gupta empire. That is a beautiful thing. You cannot claim the greatness of Indian culture, and then in the same breath praise a law that is clearly religious in nature, that the government wants to apply to *everybody*.

        This world is filled with real suffering. Plants and animals are killed and eaten. Where animals aren’t eaten, they are made to stave and die because of economics. Human wellbeing is placed above animal wellbeing. This isn’t about spirituality. It is the reality of the human condition. You could say this law is not about religion, it is about “Ahimsa”. You can use Ahimsa selectively only for cows or only for animals, but it is a very slippery slope. And the Jains won that ideological debate 2000 years ago. (i.e. don’t eat roots, don’t kill rice plants when getting the grain, don’t stomp on ants even by mistake, do commit suicide/samadhi by ritual starvation, etc.). The law in India and most countries use “non-killing” exclusively for humans and rare species. I think almost everyone would agree that’s a non-controversial, fair law.

        If you’re truely concerned for the cow’s well-being, that’s ok. If you did the research or visited your local milkman, and saw the suffering of a (male) baby calf kept away from its mother, only to be discarded, one option to not contribute to suffering is to go vegan. No paal payesam or tayeer. Many people around that world do that for their own ethical reasons. Even that is more consistent than “people who consume cows should go to jail, I won’t give deep thought to the ethics of that statement”.

        Also, check some of your sources on Indian history. Or not. Our axioms are so different it doesn’t really matter.

        This was probably a waste of time for you, but a lot of fun for me. But I will not continue wasting your time, and my enjoyment now has diminishing returns. Bye for real this time I promise, and peace.

      • Only Mahaperiyavaa can cure such idiotic people who think Vedas are created by foreigners..

  7. This is right initiative, although it is delayed. Subsequent implementation is vital. Further, must be extended to rest of the states. Might be bitter medicine for non-vegetarians, but friends it is inevitable.

  8. Mahaperiyava answerd to our prayers. Lets pray more to stop slaughtering cows throughout india.

  9. Dear Fellow devotees and Go sevakas.
    Vikatan group was run by Sri Vaasan who was a big Mahaperiyavaa devotee.. But today the same group is infiltrated and hijacked by abrahamic and atheist bigots. This has touched the worst height with today’s article by some antisocial element assuming a Hindu pseudo name in this article
    I request all devotees and ghosevakas to protest this article with Vikatan by registering your strong comments against this article in Vikatan site.
    Also if we don’t get apology article from Vikatan before Friday we must start a boycott Vikatan campaign for allowing this cheap article hurting Hindu sentiments.
    They have misquoted and given false information on Fri Yagyavalkyar and Sri Vivekanandhar.
    The so called ‘white revolution’ by the christian Varghese Kurian was a hidden attack on destroying our native cow varieties by making them inferior by contamination with jersey cow vaiety which was actually a genetically modified pig variety.
    The same guy has took our native breeds to Brazil and has secretly kept them there.
    We must press the Indian govt. To publicly defame Vargeese Kurian for this anti national act.

    • முட்டாள் பூ.கோ. சரவணன் (இது ஏமாற்று பெயர் என்று கூட அனைவரும் அறிவர்) பிதற்றலையெல்லாம் இணையதளத்தில் வெளியிட்டு விகடன், தன் தொண்மையான பெயரை, கௌரவத்தை இழந்துவிட்டது. இ்னி தமிழர்கள், விகடனை புறக்கணிப்பார்களாக. புரதம் பாசுமாட்டிறச்சி தவர வேறெதுவில் இல்லாது போல் பிதற்றியது, நகைப்புகுரியது. புரத சத்து மிகுதியாகவும், குறைந்த விலையில் கிடைக்கு கூடய வேஜ் ஐட்டங்கள் நிறைய உள்ளன. ஒரு சில ஆயிரம் பேர் வேலையின்று போவர்கள் என்பதற்காக, பல கோடி ஹிந்துக்களின் தார்மீக நம்பிக்கையில் கை வைப்பார்களா என்ன?

    • Objectionable comments in electronic social media-religious- case registered and person arrested-comments alleged as an affront to Indian Constitution creating rift between communities-section 66 of the IT act and sections 153A,153B,295A of IPC-Ref:TOI,Thursday,March 05,2015

      You may know of this Shared for ready ref. for any sub. of this nature now and in future-one set may accuse the other of taking away their liberty of eating what they like-things like this may be in the immediate future-aftermath of Bans

  10. good news

  11. @supraja: You’re right. It says so in the constitution. “You like steak, you go to Sri Lanka.”
    @Prakash Bhat: You’re right too. After all, in the Vedas and later, Brahmins NEVER ate cows, birds or beasts of any kind. Never. No cow/horse recipes for post-yajna feasts in the Vedas.
    And you’re correct again. Old cows = old people. So logical and obvious, just like my paati’s old pattu podavai = my old laptop. One and the same thing.

    Also vegetarianism in Hinduism has nothing to do with Buddhism and Jainism. Those dudes don’t even believe in god.
    And finally, most male calves (that cannot produce any milk, obviously) aren’t left to die of starvation within a few days of their births. Why would you feed it till adulthood, and then sell it to a non-Hindu butcher for meat and leather. Death by starvation is better than death by decapitation. It says so in the….

    If I believe it and you believe it and my paati also believes it, it must be true! Life is that simple!

    Good luck guys.


    • First thought that came to my mind when I read your comments is.. You are like me except some 25 years behind in spiritual maturity… All that is evident from your scorn for others is you are a loner and miser.. The disease of ego is sucking you in.. You think you know everything.. But guess what.. You need to empty the cup to fill it.. All you have now is zero knowledge got from half cooked or misguided people of west that you so proudly parade as your pimp show.. Go on.. This forum needs jokers like you once in a while.. Dude..

  12. //It is possible to ban and we need to ban first in Kerala and then in Tamilnadu.//

    “சத்தியாக்கிரஹத்தால் வெள்ளைக்காரனைப் போகப் பண்ணுவதாவது, இதெல்லாம் நடக்காத காரியம்” என்று சொன்னவர்கள் இருக்கத்தான் செய்தார்கள். நடக்க முடியாது என்று நினைத்த எத்தனையோ இந்த உலகத்தில் நடந்துதான் இருக்கிறது. இது நடக்க முடியாத விஷயம் என்று நினைத்து, தர்மத்தையும் சத்தியத்தையும் விட்டுக் கொடுத்துப் பேசுவது எனக்கான காரியமில்லை. நடத்துவதும் நடத்தாததும் உங்கள் கையில் இருக்கிற விஷயம். நான் செய்யக்கூடியது எல்லாம் நம்முடைய தர்ம சாஸ்திரங்களில் சொல்லியிருக்கிறவைகளை அலுக்காமல் சலிக்காமல் உங்கள் காதில் போடுவதுதான்; சாஸ்திரங்கள் எவற்றை உங்கள் கடமை என்று விதித்திருக்கின்றனவோ அவற்றை உங்களுக்கு எடுத்துச் சொல்லி, எத்தனை பிரதிகூலங்கள் இருந்தாலும் நீங்கள் அதன்படிதான் நடக்கவேண்டும் என்று வலியுறுத்துவதுதான்.” – பூஜ்ய ஸ்ரீ காஞ்சி மஹா பெரியவர்

  13. Argument like who will take care of old and infirm cows? so you kill and eat!!!!. What about old men and women. who will take care. Kill and eat??? Time will balance. Right step. Let non vegetarians change their food habits for better health for themselves and better planet

  14. Glyston Gracias – You are right. Please go to another country! Just leave us alone!

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