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  1. Dear Sri D Krishnamurthy Sir

    Regarding your humble suggestion to keep the message of divine thoughts to one or two lines:

    Divine thoughts are not quotable quotes. They are great thoughts borne out of abundant grace to the mankind to choose, act and lead great purposeful life as human beings.

    So such thoughts are sacred and they normally begin with some ideas to keep the readers prepared for absorbing. They are normally told in Guru Shishya Gurukulam type to enlighten the student.So they can not be abrupt, brief and ‘shut up and listen’ type.!

    Just imagine the effort, pain and time taken by the great Sri Ra Ganapathy mama to bring all or most of His thoughts in Deivathin Kural running into thousands of pages in 7 volumes. So these are bound to be treatise and as students we have to be humble to learn different gamuts of such thoughts.

    You are in a way blessed since you have collected the nectar and felt certain thoughts as repetitive, but Maha Periva did not mind repeating since his words reach different audience in different time and act as antidote in times of stress, pain and uncertainty. He was and is a great person who understood the human nature precisely and spoke in a convincing manner.

    Great psychologist and top power house, that is Maha Periva. We are fortunate if we have understood this.

    Sage of Kanchi is a treasure.. Seekers find daily treasure and get recharged. Thanks to Sri Mahesh and his family and His blessings are with them for ever.

  2. It is my humble suggestion to keep the message of Divine Thoughts to just 1 or 2 liners. The message must be so framed that this gets registered in mind and facilitates readers to make use of them while interacting with people. After going through your messages for over 7/8 months, it is felt that the same messages are repeated but expressed differently.

    • one liners are good for movies but do not provide value for education. short paragraphs providing context and meaning like the ones given by these Divine Thoughts make you think harder to understand the meaning i.e. fulfilling the goal for which it was written. IMHO.

  3. Thank You Mam… Let peace be Blessed by His Grace on every one… Let His Divine Grace continue to direct and guide us to turn “Inwards” to see ourSELF…

    With Prayers for Peace for Everyone and the entire Universe

    OM Shanthi! Shanthi!! Shanthi hi!!!

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