English Translation of “Kamakshi Kaapathinaala?”


Thanks to Sri GV Krishna for a wonderful translation.

At the time of this incident the devotee was living in Calcutta along with her husband.

After her husband went to office, the front door bell rang and she opened the door. 3-4 naxalites forced their way into the house. She could make out from the conversation amongst themselves that they intended to kill her.

As per their demand, she prepared tea for them. After that, she took their permission to make a phone call. She spoke to her kids who were studying in Chennai. She instructed them that in case there be any bad news about her on the next day, they should take it stoically.

Once done, she returned to the main hall and bowed down in front of the pictures of Periyava and the picture of Kali which was hung alongside. “Today is Ekadashi; I’m having to face such a situation today!”. She was very upset.
Turning to the Naxalites, she pleaded, “Please kill me with a single blow and for God’s sake do not do anything else to me”.

Then the miracle took place there. When the naxalites happened to look towards the MahaPeriyava photo that the lady had bowed down to, they could see an image of Bhavatharini in full fury. They were Kali devotees and they were stunned to see that where there was just one photo of Kali earlier, now there were two ! Being Kali devotees, they began to see Kali in the lady they were planning to murder. “Please forgive us, mother”, they said to her and escaped from there !

Once her husband returned, she told him everything tearfully and immediately started for Kanchipuram. As usual, there was a lot of crowd at the Kanchi Matam. She came in line, stood in front of Periyava teary eyed and did a Namaskaram.

Periyava said, “So, Kamakshi saved you, eh ?”, making it abundantly clear that He knew everything !

True Guru Bakthi will always win.

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  1. Today is The English date of Mahaperivaa Siddhi day 8th Jan 1994

  2. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam!

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