English Translation of Sri Matam Kaingkaryam

Thanks to Sri Krishna for the translation.

Once, one night, very late, an European came for Periyava’s Darshan. People at the Mutt told him that Periyava had already retired for the day.

But He had already made up His mind to give Darshan; who could prevent it ?

“Balu, what’s that noise ? Has any European come ? Ask him to come inside”, said Periyava.

Having come inside, that European blurted out “This the Great Man Paul Brunton spoke of ! Everybody, behold this LIGHT !”The man went away after the Darshan.

Balu mama then courageously said Periyava “You are showing all these lights to foreigners…It will be great if you show us these lights too!”

Periyava then displayed His brilliant sense of humour.

“If I show you all this stuff, you will simply take off from here. Then who will do the Matam Kaingaryam ?!”

Thanks to Shri Ganesha Sharma who related this anecdote in an Upanyasam in Malleshwaram.

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  1. Anything about Periyawal is interesting and significant. Reading about Him or hearing about him is a cleansing experience and we are on the road to spiritual living. Mohan Ramanan

  2. //People at the Mutt told him that Periyava had already retired for the day.//

    Should be referred as Sri Matam and not just “Mutt”. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  3. Very true, Maha SwamigaL is Loka Rakshakar. If He takes off, who will look after us? “Thondartham Perumai Sollavum Arithee!” If people like Sri. Balu Maama take off, who will look after Maha Periyava, who looks after all of us? Superb. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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