Tiruvarur Thyagarajaswamy Avani Moola Festival

சிவபெருமான் பிட்டுக்கு மண்சுமந்த நன்னாள்.

Message from Smt Padma Balasubramanian — Reaching out to devotees who are native to Tiruvarur

I would like to share about the Muchukunda Archana which takes place in Tiruvarur for Tyagaraja. My dad is from Tiruvarur. Many of you will be aware of the story of how Tyagaraja came to Tiruarur from Devendran and about the ajaba nadanam.

There is a committee which has been organizing this Muchukunda Archana puja for the last 30 years. They are reaching out to devotees who are native to Tiruvarur to see if they will be keen to join this. Each family pays Rs.600 towards this and they take down the gothram and nakshatram of the entire family for the sankalpam. We have been a part of this for several years.

Shri Dakshinamurthy is known to our family for years. We all belong to the same Tiruvarur. Shri Ayya samy is also a native of Tiruvarur. The 2 gentlemen have been involved in this puja for several years.

This is to let interested members that the group is genuine and we have been a part of it for years. I had attended it while living in Chennai.
Ippasi Pooram is a special day for Kamalambal. It is our Kattalai that day.
Please do let me know (peakay2124@googlemail.com) if you are in Tiruvarur anytime and Shri Dakshinamoorthi uncle will be very pleased to take you around and show several temples in our area.
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Wishing all of you a very joyous Pillaiyar Chaturthi!

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  1. may i have a copy of mukunda archana and muchukunda archana verses to swami/ and guide me how to reach you.

  2. As per a book released in 1958, apart from the many ashtottara pujas performed in Tiruvarur, two special sahasranama pujas viz., one by Mucukunda and another by Lord Mukunda are done for Sri Tyagaraja. The one by Lord Mukunda has elaborate procedures for puja-s, neivedhya, etc. If you look at the kshetra mahatmyam, you will find that the deity Lord Tyagaraja was worshipped by Sri Mahavishnu in vaikuNTham. Lord Tyagaraja resides in Mahavishnu’s beart and dances according to the breathing (inhale and exhale) of Sri Mahavishnu. This substantiates the fact that Sri Mukunda Sahasranama (known as Tyagaraja Sahasranamavali) demands elaborate procedures apart from justifying its existence. The said Tyagaraja Sahasranamavali (not by Mucukunda) has been sourced by the author from Saraswati Mahal Library, Tanjore. This will be shortly uploaded in http://www.sanskritdocuments.org for the benefit of the devotees.

  3. Agreed with Shri.kulandaiananth comments. Especially Mukunda archanai was done by Mahavishnu on Aavani Moolam Nakshathram. This is special and happen once a year.

    Muchukunda archanai can happen daily based on the availability.

  4. There are 2 archanas.. Mukunda & Muchukunda archanai.. Muchukunda archanai was done by Muchukunda Chakravarthi.. Mukunda archanai was done by Mahavishnu (this is the time when Mahavishnu took his eye as 1000th lotus and worshipped shiva, who granted him sudarsana chakra)

  5. I would also like to know
    There are two Archanas, Mukunda and Muchukunda.

  6. Muchukundana archana .At what time it is performed?Whether it is daily? Was muchukunda archana performed by VISHNU,then by INDRA and later by MUCHUKUNDA and continued now.The impact and importance there of/ Kindly pl respond as i deire to know.i

  7. Error correction. Muchukunda archanai to take place at 0700 PM. Just confirmed from temple office. Phone: 04366_242343. Ram ram.

  8. On eve of ardra darshan, tomorrow ie., on 04th Jan 2015 (Sunday) morning 0700 AM, muchukundarchana for Thyagaraja swamy will take place. Night 1000 PM , ardra mahabhishekam for swamy. Next day morning 0400 AM abhishekam for Nataraja swamy. At 0600 AM pada darshan for patanjali & vyaghrapada. Fip

  9. We are also native to thiruvarur thank to you

  10. Really nice information and thanks for publishing the same.. I have sent a mail to convey thanks Ms. Padma Balasubramanian and she had replied promptly. It is a fact most of the temples around Thiruvarur are in dilapidated condition. But the good news is now many people from their own villages and some religious organisations are taking steps to renovate them. I am from a small village called Sigar 14 kms from south of Thiruvarur. My elder brother K.Santhanagopalan and my Manni has taken lot of efforts to co-ordinate our village people staying in various places and also got support of village people to renovate the temples and conduct kumbabishekam for our village temples. I request all devotees of Sri Mahaperiyava to start taking care of their village temples. They can nominate one among them to co-ordinate (preferably retired person) to maintain poojas of small village temples.

  11. Muchukunda helped Indra and in return wished to have the LINGA worshipped by Mukunda. Though Indra relented in the beginning gave away the Linga plus six more similar ones. So itis Mukunda Archana only that is being performed as in Patrikai.

    • Rama Rama

      Dear Kalahari,

      I have the Muchukunda sahasra namavali with me.
      By taking reference only I revealed as it is NOT mukundarchana.

      Rama Rama

  12. Very nice information. Should pray to Lord Thiyagesar on the Holy Days. Printed erroneously as Mukunthaarchchana in the Pathrikai, but correctly told by Smt. Padma Balasubramanian as Muchukundaarchchana. King Muchukundha got the Saptha Vida Lingams and installed Viidhividangar in Thiruvaarur with the Lord performing Ajabha Natanam, dancing in the Heart of Lord Maha Vishnu.Details can be had from the following link:

    • Saptha Vitanka story had been told by Mahaperiyava in his discourses when he was visited by a devotee coming from Mint street in Chennai.Tanka means chisel and other tools employed by blacksmiths and gold smiths.Since the Saptha Vitanka kshetra murthis were created by Viswarma by envisioing in his mind without employing the tools,the Murthis were Vitanga ie created without Tanka

    • Mukunda Archana is correct

  13. Rama Rama

    Erroneously printing reads as Mukundarchanai.

    It should be corrected as MUCHUKUNDA ARCHANA.

    If anybody is interested, I will be able to share the above verses.

    Thiruvarur is my birth place.

    One among four Moksha kshetras.
    To take birth in Thiruvarur, To die at Varanasi, To see the Chidhambaram, To think about Arunachala (Thiru annamalai) all these four are considered as ways to attain Moksha.

    Rama Rama

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