Periyava as various forms of Gods / Goddesses

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I am Kamakshi too

Periyava was camping in a place where a lady who was very much devoted to Periyava lived.

Due to her domestic chores she could not have His darshan often.

One day somehow she managed to come to His camp to have His darshan. It was after noon and Periyava was sitting near his Pooja mantap and talking to his devotees.  This lady with the Aarathi plate and camphor In her hand was looking at the face of  Periyava to take Aarthi. But Periyava turned His face suddenly. Though the lady tried two or three times to take Aarthi , Periyava did not show his face to her.

The Lady felt sad.  At last she lighted the camphor when she thought Periyava was looking at her.

But before she could perform Aarthi, Periyava stood up and went inside.

The lady was shocked and exclaimed “ Ambike ! Why are you testing me ? What sin did I do?” O.K. I will perform Aarthi to you “ and did Aarthi to Goddess Thirupurasundari Ambal in the Pooja room. She returned with heavy heart and tears in her eyes.

When she was nearing the  exit of the Pandal, a person came running to her and told her periyava’s order. She hesitated and told him she may not be the person whom Periyava mentioned.  He insisted that she is the person and took her to Periyava.  She hesitatingly followed.

Periyava was sitting there. He told her . Don’t feel that you performed Aarthi to Ambal instead of Me. Now you perform Aarthi.

She with faltered and trembling hands lit the camphor. When she saw the face of Periyava in the camphor light she saw Periyava in the form of Ambal with Sugarcane, flower arrows and smiling face. She nearly fainted and prayed “ Amma , Amma “ and slapped her cheeks with her hands.

This is one of the Incidents in which Periyava proved that Ambal and Periyava are one and the same.

That lady was Mrs. Nagalakshmi from Tiruchi. She herself told this to many people. Likewise many people have seen Periyava as Goddess Kamakshi .


During   Vasantha Navarathri time, some persons from Pudukkottai in Tamilnadu went to Satara to offer Suvasini  Pikshai  to Srimadam and stayed there for a week. They used to offer various kinds of garlands and flower crowns to Periyava. One Evening, ten of them were waiting for Periyava.  He came out and they did namaskarams. One Rajam ammal offered a  Nagabarana kreedam ( crown ) beautifully  made with vettivar and sandal balls resembling a snake  umbrella.

Periyava took the crown and asked his assistant to place the kreedam on the head of a Sivalingam nearby. Immediately Rajammal requested Periyava to wear the crown. Periyava pointing to the Sivalingam said : I am not different from Him. He is not different from Me. Iam He and He is Me.  Then he smiled.  At that time a lightning  flashed before their eyes.

What a good fortune! They were astonished and dumbfounded.

PERIYAVA AS NARAYANAN – various incidents  

  •  A Devotee’s daughter  named Jana had  drawn an Aiswarya Kolam  with coloured glass pieces and Goddess Mahalakshmi  picture in the middle of the kolam.  They submitted this to Periyava  who took  it in His hands  with appreciation. Then he told :  “This is Mahalakshmi.  Where should I keep Mahalakshmi? I should keep this in my chest. “
    Then he showed this posture to all around him. They understood that Periyava was  implying that He is also  Lord Narayanan.


  • One Subbalakshmi Ammal from Tiruchi told Periyava that  she has forgotten that it was Somavara New Moon day on which date she had failed to circumabulate  Peepal tree and had come to Kancheepuram.  Immediately  Periyava replied : it doesn’t matter, You circumambulate me 108 times.That is enough.  This showed Periyava is  Aswatha Narayanan also.


  • Once Periyava was sitting under a tree and giving darshan to devotees. One by one people prostrated before Him telling their grievances and getting solace. At the end of the queue an old lady came and prostrated before Periyava, who asked her what she wanted.  She, a staunch devotee of Periyava replied that she doesn’t need anything and it was enough if  she worshipped Him for ever. Periyava told her that   she worships Him without any fault. Still He asked her what else  wish she had and wanted her to tell Him. Even then the old lady hesitated. When Periyava assured her that he would try to fulfill her wish to His capacity the old lady told him that she wished to see Bhadri Narayanan before her death. On hearing this Periyava  laughed loudly.
    The old lady could not understand when Periyava told her that she was seeing Bhadri Narayanan in front of her.  When she still remained confused Periyava told her to look up. The tree behind Periyava under which he was sitting was Bhadri tree. ( Elandai maram ).   Elandai tree is otherwise known as Bhadri tree. Thus Periyava showed to the old lady that He is Bhadri Narayanan.

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