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  1. Sri Gurupyou Namah:
    Shankara baghavadpada attained mukthi in Kedarnath – Himalayas..Sureshwarachariyar Samadhi (who is the first peetadheswarar in Sringeri mutt) is in Sringeri (Near to Sharadamba temple)..

    • If your point is that Mahaperiyava lied to all of us, then you should not be visiting this blog to begin with. Also like i referenced in someone’s comments, there is a book called Shankaracharya and His connection to Kanchipuram – that provides lots of artifacts to Adishankara etc. This book is available online at http://www.kamakoti.org.

      • why enter into a discussion again which has been there for a long time. using such words as humbug (even by an atheist) does not seem to sound good for any educated person. i am sorry for pointing this out but mahesh should have first moderated comments like this. may be the writer or mahesh may feel that it is a healthy discussion but i thought this blog is not for such purposes. it is only very very oldies like me who should discuss about ‘mukthi sthal’!!!!!As far as i am concerned Adi Sankara himself came, was with us for hundred years, and told this himself!!!!!!!!

      • i didnt delete the word not to create more discussion but i did reply to him to read an article on this topic at kamakoti.org.

      • i remember i already posted something on this and perhaps mahesh thought it fit to moderate and delete it. i had written why bother about mukthi sthal at all. i remember in one periavas lecture in u tube itself (rare video or something like that) periava has talked about kanchi being the mokshasthal because of varadaraja ekambareswara and kamakshi and mentioned that while ganga yamuna etc. all the rivers (six) are in north there is only one Kaveri in south etc.etc. and that adishankara has visited kanchi and spent sometime. periava himself has clarified about adishankara though he has always been stating that ‘ i remember to have read it from…..book etc.

  2. Maha Periyava had mentioned that Sree Adi Sankaracharya attained mukthi in Kancheepuram. He had also quoted some documents in proof of this. I am prepared to believe him as my wife and I are his devotees. However, a couple of days ago one of the Kedar Nath
    Temple pundit mentioned that Adi Sankaracharya’s samadhi in Kedar Nath has been swept away in the deluge. This does create a confusion.

  3. Rama Rama

    We have so far 68 counts.
    Are all these 68 has been identified, constructed, consecrated & maintained?
    In that case, latitude & longitude if available can be published.
    Certain places like Banks of river Gadilam are ambigious. That’s why, the necessity of GPS coordinates.
    Anybody to help, so that guru aradhana can be done.

    Rama Rama

  4. All Humbug. Dont change the history. almost 50% from kanchi.?.Where is the proof? Sankara attained mukthi at Himachala.

  5. thanks a lot. one should go to Govindapuram. Either at the mutt where there are pictures of earlier swamingals have darshan and insight or to tapovanam there where all the acharyas idols are prathista there with periava in the centre and whose pooje is performed regularly, the place is peaceful and of course mettur swamigal is also there to clear doubts when he talks (he is mounam for quite a few days). n.ramaswami

  6. Great work and thanks for compiling these interesting information.

  7. Very nice, thanks

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