Esaiyanur Paatti — Rare photo

When I had posted about Esayanur Paatti in the morning, for some reason I yearned to know how she looks like. What a coincidence, that within 8 hours Shri C Mohan uploaded it to Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook, within 10 minutes of joining the group!

In Shri Mohan’s own words,

“My father Kamakoti Chandrasekaran happens to be the sweekara son of the Esayanur patti Kamakoti Kokilambal (her photo is at I had previously seen a variation of this article in the publication Dinamalar – see for that article. My patti’s photo with the mahaaperiava, my parents and others is also on display at the Kanchi Mahaswami Darshan Hall in Kanchipuram – see my album for a large number of photos of that memorial hall. One mistake in both stories is that our village’s location is given wrongly. It is in North Arcot district, near Arcot and Kalavai – see photos of Esayanur at Unfortunately, my patti died when I was around 5 years of age.”

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  1. Our Special thanks to Sri Mohan for releasing this pattis photo. …….Namaskarams. to all Periyava Devotees.

  2. Our Ananantha Koti Namaskarams to Patti.Our special thanks to Chi Mahesh to Publish this rare photo for all Kamakoti peetam Devotees.Our Namaskarams once again to our Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyaval.

  3. Great to have Dharshan of such a great devotee of Sri Maha PeriyavaL.

  4. How I wish I had met this great devotee of Periyavaa..

    • what a graceful and traditional look of this ‘patti’. She reminds me of my patti, famously called ‘Calcutta Komu’ (from Kallidaikurichi). She lost her husband at a very young age but brought up 3 daughters and one son. In her life time she has done more than 20 deliveries. Used to eat in plantain leave and maintaining ‘madi & acharam’, visiting holy places like ‘Baana-teertham’ falls, etc. She was to see the death of her own son . To console her i gave the small photo of SHRI MAHA PERIYAVA, holding the ‘teertha-oatram’ in His both hands. That gave her strength and her last days came at her grandson’s house in NASIK. ( on those days Acharyas won’t give teertham to widows who have not shaven their heads. The then Sringeri Acharya visited our village and she could not go to receive the teertham. The family members also protested not to shave her head. Just in order to receive the Chandramouleeswara, Saradamba teertha prasadam, she went to Papanasam and shaven her head not informing her son) . We have to respect the bygone generation and their firm conviction.

      • Normally the traditional ‘madisaar-paatigal’ wear the sari in two colours. One group wear pure white sari and the other group wear saffron-coloured (like the kaavi-vastra sanyasins used to wear). My paati used to wear the kaavi-vastra only.

  5. great photo..absolutely rare…..thanks for the share….

  6. More from Shri Mohan:

    “Thanks for the post. A few corrections: Since I left India in 1977, more districts have been created in Tamil Nadu and so our village now falls in Vellore District and is in Arcot Taluk 🙂 I just found out from my dad that patti died on 9 January 1959 (I wasn’t even 4 years old then). Cause of her death wasn’t a cow hurting her. She actually moved back when she saw the cow closeby in our home’s backyard and fell. After some weeks of being in a bedridden state, she then died. Mahaperiavaa has even performed chathur maasyam in our place, apart from making many other visits.”

  7. Thank you very much Sir.

    Balasubramanian NR

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