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  1. No words to express the Jagadguru’s compassion and love towards humanity.It is blessings of Sarveswara that we lived during His period.Hara Hara Shankara JayaJaya Shankara.

  2. Unbelievable.He is NadamadumDeivam.No doubt about it.

  3. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  4. Smt Shrimathy Kadambam narrates two incidents

    I live in Kanchipuram now. In my childhood we used to live in Triplicane. I met Him in my childhood with my father in Kanchipuram. I will narrate these two miracles.

    In 1975 when I was studying SSLC my mother had severe stomach ache. We showed her to Dr Lakshmi Kumari who said there was a cancerous tumour in the uterus. We had her admitted in Gosha Hospital and the operation was scheduled. I was the eldest child in our family and had three siblings. The Doctor said that she had only opened and then stitched back the area as the situation was quite grave with the cancer having spread all over the body and said that my mother will pass away before 10.30 in the morning the next day. And asked us to inform all of our relatives and friends.

    My father wanted to have darshan of Periyava immediately and left for Kanchipuram/Thenambakkam. He met Him and told Him how the Doctor had no hopes for my mother and that he will struggle to take care of us four young children without his wife. The Sarveshwaran took an apple in His hand and went into Meditation. He put some Kungumam (vermillion powder) on the Apple and gave it to my father and told him, “make sure your wife consumes this at the earliest, before 10.30 am tomorrow”.

    We rushed back to Madras. Since the Doctor had removed all my mother’s teeth we boiled the apple, added sugar, mashed the pulp and gave the juice to my mother. The doctor came at 10.30 am to check my mother and was stunned to see the progress made by my mother. We just told the Doctor that Periyavaa gave an apple for her. She remarked, “only He has saved her life, nothing was in my hands!”

    Two days later my Mother told us, “on the day of the operation Periava was sitting cross legged on her chest and asked her,

    “Whom do you want, Dr Lakshmi Kumari or Dr Indra Ramaswamy or Me? I know that you will not be satisfied with them and will want only Me!” And He was there with my Amma during the entire duration of the operation!

    My mother lived for two more years. The prolem recurred in 1977. My father went to Kanchi to meet Him. He said, “you all say that I had given her life, but that is not correct. It is not in not in My Hands. As a Guru I can only postpone the inevitable. It is only due to the Grace of God that your wife lived for two years!”

    My mother wanted the Sacred thread ceremony for my brothers to be conducted at the same time my wedding was performed. My father told Him that my mother was anxious that my marriage be performed as soon as possible before she passed away. He told him, “ you first arrange for the Sacred Thread ceremony for your sons immediately, I will take care of the marriage of your daughter!”

    There was a lady by name Sumathi in Murugan Sangam. She had lot of Bhakthi towards Periyava. During her daughter’s marriage she saw that someone had gifted Periyava’s picture as a wedding present. Since it was meant for the groom’s family she handed it over to them. Two years had passed and she was returning to Madras from Bangalore after visiting her daughter. Periyava came in Her dreams in the train and told her, “ I wanted to come to your home, but you gave Me to the groom’s family! Why did you do that? Take Me from them into your home!”

    She was stunned! She did not know how to approach the Groom’s family. The next day, He appeared in the dreams of the Groom’s family member and told them, “ I was with you during the Chaturmaasya period. Now hand Me over to them!”

    When she reached their home, they told her of Periyava’s instructions to them and duly handed over His picture to her!”



  1. English Translation of Smt. Srimathi Kadamba | Sage of Kanchi

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