Periyava clarifying upanayana for girls

Periyava details this topic (from Deivathin Kural)::

I said that the twice-born must perform sandhyavandana with the well-being of women and other jatis in mind. I also explained why all samskaras are not prescribed for the fourth varna. Now we must consider the question of women, why they do not have such rituals and samskaras.

Even though we perform the punyaha-vacana and namakarana of newborn girls and celebrate their first birthday, we do not conduct their caula and upanayana nor the other samskaras or vows laid down for brahmacarins. Of course, they have the marriage samskara. But in other rites like sacrifices the main part is that of the husband, though she (the wife) has to be by his side. In aupasana alone does a woman have a part in making oblations in the sacred fire…..more

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  1. I agree that this site is for spiritual upliftment through Mahaperiyava teachings. His teachings are are our pramanam. If we have difficulty in understanding his teachings then we need to clarify the same from Periyavas at Kanchi madam and get clarity and not pass judgments on our own. Secondly, his teachings are for ordinary office going confused grahatas of modern time like me and not for rishis and vedavits.

    This is my humble request not to use this site for unneccessary arguments.

  2. All,

    I know that this topic is getting heated up and getting into attack mode. It isn’t really needed. The very idea of me posting all these videos of devotees experience is to listen and follow the kind of unshaken bakthi these devotees have on Periyava. I am learning a lot from each video. I am sure others do as well. One thing I repeatedly hear in video after video is “saranagathi” to Periyava. It is amazing, we all need to attempt for that level. If we do, then this fight will never arise.

    True, this forum has coverage for several mahans, we talk primarily about Mahaperiyava. So, we need to show our faith in Him. At the same time, we can’t force people to have the faith. If some readers choose to differ on views, that is perfectly ok too. Others have no right to point fingers at. It was their choice – they may be right or wrong. we need to respect others views. When I appreciated foreigners chanting Vedas, someone strongly criticized. On one hand, they are right. I didn’t feel bad. It simply means that I didn’t look at the other side of the equation properly. I hope we all take these comments constructively and not to hurt others feelings, which once again defeats Periyava’s advise.

    Hope this issue will be left where it is.

    Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  3. Thanks Sreedhar for timely & sensibly breaking the ice. Again with due respect and in all fairness to your bhavana, I wish to assertively & candidly state that no entity on planet earth deserve an iota to be even dreamnt of being compared to our own great Mahaperiyavaa, be it the lineage that follows or his disciples/ bhakthas / whomsoever it may concern.

  4. Excellent


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