Chidvilasiya Avatara Ghattaha

Kalainirai Foundation USA’s Sankara Jayanthi Samarpanam

Kalainirai Foundation USA commissioned this work as a nrtyasamarpanam for Shankara Jayanti in Seattle.

Pauranika granthas such as Shivarahasyam and Shankara Vijaya granthas narrate the life of Shri Shankara Bhagavatpada. Some of the well-known works being, Anandagiriya Shankara Vijayam, Chidvilasiya Shankara Vijayam, Vyasachaliya Shankara Vijayam, Brhat Shankara Vijayam, Shankarabhyudayam of Rajachudamani Dikshitar and the Shankara Digvijayasaram etc

Chidvilasiya Shankara Vijayam is one such text that begins in the form of a dialogue between a shishya Vijnanakanda and his guru Chidvilasa. Vijnanakanda asks his guru Chidvilasa to narrate the Shankara charitam that is capable of removing the evils of Kali and the guru narrates the charitam.

The fifth chapter that describes the birth of Bhagavatpada is called avataraghattah (கட்டம் in Tamil). This section begins with Aryamba the mother of Acharyal and Shivaguru the father of Bhagavatpada getting ready for the birth of the divine son promised today them by Vrshachaleshvara.

In vasanta rtu, when five grahas were in their ucchasthanas in Abhijit muhurta, the time has come for Shiva’s descent as Bhagavatpada.

Aryamba the blessed mother suddenly has the darshanam of Shiva with four arms with great radiance. As she wonders what is going on and realizing that it is indeed Vrshachaleshvara who has descended she starts to pray. Shankara Bhagavatpada is born.

There are auspicious signs everywhere agni glowing, fragrant breeze blowing, tapasvis delighting.

Aryamba prays to Shiva to show her the svarupam of an infant that she has been eagerly waiting for and He then does so. The delighted dharmika dampati then offer danam and dharmam , do the vidhitakarma and celebrate the birth of their son. The scene ends with Aryamba tenderly caressing her newborn.

Performed by Smt. Nithya Aanand and Smt. Vidyalakshmi, the shlokam has been put to music in a melodious ragamalika (Kamboji, Vasantha, Ranjani, Shankarabaranam, Shanmukhapriya, Mohanam and Madhyamavathi) by Smt. Ramya Kannan, with Smt. Nithya Aanand on the violin and Chi. Shiv Vinodshankar on the mridangam


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    • Namaskaram – sure, please contact Smt. Archana Sunil by email or phone. Washington Periyava Satsangam(WAPS) is a group of bhaktas in the Seattle area that performs monthy pujais and several Kanchi matam kainkaryams in the area. Their website is
      (425) 615-1268

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