Saagnichithya Athiraatra Maha Yagman 2023 – Vijayawada

It is indeed an honor and privilege to share the news about one of the significant rituals “Saagnichithya Athiraatra Maha Yagman” which is going to take place in May 2023 by a brahmin “Nitya Agnihotri family” residing near Vijayawada. They have been ardent devotees of Kanchi Paramacharya swamigal since early 1950’s!!!

With the blessing of acharya swamigal, Bramhasri Dendukuri Sadashiva Ghanapathi Somayaji, will be performing this maha yagna for the lokakshemam for everyone. This yagna will span for about two weeks and we welcome every household to participate in the Yagna and contribute whatever possible towards this divine cause.

As per vedic astrology and its periodic predictions, In the coming year there is a graha kutami and its falling in cojunction with usual fruitful time when yagnas are performed , hence, Dendukuri Sadashiva Ghanapathi Somayaji’s family have stepped up to perform this Maha yagna for everyone’s health, prosperity, and welfare. This yagna will not only evade any negative effects but will certainly bring about the universal change in the right direction.

Among the 1.4 billion population in India, there are hardly hundred and sixty Nitya Agni hothri’ s who have practiced this anusthanam earlier. Currently, the knowledge and expertise specific to this Maha yagna is with a handful of twenty (20) people in the current times and our very own Sadasiva Ganapaati is one among them.

With the blessings of Saraswathi Ammavaru, the knowledge about the Vedas and Yagnas has come as a legacy in Dendukuri family. His grandfather Swaadhyaya Ratna, Bramhasri Vedamoorthi Dendukuri Agnihotri ghanapati somayajulu has devoted his entire life for Veda samrakshanam and has duly performed number of yagna’s in his lifetime. It is so nice to know that his children and grandson are continuing his legacy for welfare of humanity.

Dates: May 20th, 2023 –May 30th, 2023, Chinna Kanchi Sree Chandrsekharendra Saraswathi devasthanam near Vijayawada.

Here are the bank details for your humble contributions below.

A/c.No.014510100067987 IFSC Code:UBIN0801453

Google-pay Nos:8712805810, 9491953136

Saagnichithya Athiraatra Maha Yagman-2023

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  1. Why to mention 1.4 billion population?
    All are not eligible to perform Vedic events!
    Considering the brahmin domicile, percentile can be computed! Fine. For the past many decades development of veda being proclaimed by various trusts, NGOs. Poor Result reflected as only meagre 20 persons represent the community! This is the only yard stick to measure the so called veda abhivruddhi!!

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