Appeal: Annabishekam to Gangai Konda Chozhapuram Lord Brahadeeswara & Few Other Small Sivan Temples: Nov 05 – Nov 08, 2022

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Well it’s the time of the year again where Lord Brahadeeswarar is going to be performed the grand Annabishekam on Nov. 07, 2022.

It’s my pleasure to share this invitation on this important yearly event initiated none other by Maha Periyava himself 37 years back. Lord Brahanayaki Samedha Brahadeeswara, Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Annabhisheka committee was formed with his grace and blessings and has been doing this great kainkaryam religiously and passionately for the more than three decades.

Annabhishekam to Lord Brahadeewara is an amalgamation of key Periyava upadesams, namely, Pidi Arisi Thittam, Swami Neivadhenam, Abhishegam, and Annadhanam. The Annabhisekha committee buys tons of rice for Swami Brahadeeswara Abishekam, cooks it and does Abishekam for Lord Brahadeeswara and distributes the prasadam to all the devotees, poor, and needy. What more Bhagyam can one have than participate in Bhagawath and Bhagawatha Kainkaryam like this. The Annabisheka committee needs all our help and support to make this happen successfully. We as Periyava devotees need to contribute generously.

Annadhanam Invitation Below (in Tamizh and English including the event details, directions, etc.)

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri S. Ravisankar,  Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Annabhishekam Committee for sharing this appeal. Rama Rama

Brief Synopsis on Annabishekam

By The Grace of The Almighty and benign blessings of Kanchi Karunamurthy Mahaperiava , this 37 th year Annabhishekam is proposed to be performed on Monday the 07 th November 2022 to Lord Brahadeeswara at GangaiKonda Cholapuram.

It is 37th year now and by H. H. grace instructions and guidance it is organised continuously by a group of selfless volunteered committee members and performed by Bhakthas.

The invitation was placed and read out at the H.H. Mahaswamy and H.H.Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Athishtanams and blessed by H.H.Pujya Sri.Sankara Vijendra Saraswathi Swamigal our Acharya.

Let us come together and participate in this Periyava Kaingaryam and receive Ambal Brahannayaki Samedha Lord Brahadeeswara  blessings.

Contact Info:

Shri S. Ravisankara, Annabhishekam Committee Member +91 9840133800

Bank details for contributions:

Sri Annabhishekam Committee,
City union bank, Adyar Branch, Chennai,
Current Account Number 510909010148138
IFSC : CIUB0000420

It is mandatory as per Income Tax dept to mention the Pan number or Aadhar number by donors . Kindly furnish your address, phone number with Email ID While sending your donation to the following e-mail:


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