Amrita Siddhi Yogam dates for 2022


Certain combinations of days and nakshatrams are considered very auspicious and give multifold benefits. The combination of the following day-nakshatrams are called as “Amrita Siddhi Yogam”.

आदित्य हस्ते गुरुपुष्ययोगे बुधानुराधा शनिरोहिणी च​ l

सोमे च सौम्यं भृगुरेवती च भौमाश्विनी चामृत-सिद्धियोगा:​ ll

ஆதி³த்ய ஹஸ்தே, கு³ருபுஷ்யயோகே³, பு³தா⁴னுராதா⁴, ஶநிரோஹிணீ ச​ l

ஸோமே ச ஸௌம்யம்ʼ, ப்⁴ருʼகு³ரேவதீ ச, பௌ⁴மாஶ்வினீ, சாம்ருʼத-ஸித்³தி⁴யோகா³:​ ll

āditya hastē, guru-puṣyayōgē, budhānurādhā, śanirōhiṇī ca​ l

sōmē ca saumyaṁ, bhr̥gurēvatī, ca bhaumāśvinī, cāmr̥ta-siddhiyōgā:​ ll

One might remember Sri Periyava’s Anugraha Bhashanam and Sri Matam’s directives listing the dates of Amrita Siddhi yogams and shlokas to chant on that day for 2020-2021. The following are the dates for the year 2022. In addition, we have also included Bhanu Saptami dates as well.

(The nakshatra begenning and end dates are for USA EST time Zone. For other time zones, please refer to panchangams specific to your sunrise-sunset times.)

January 23 Sunday, Hasta – Whole day

January 31st Monday, Shravana From 11:27 AM,  also Ama-somavratam

February 23 Wednesday, Anuradha – Whole day

February 28 MondayShravana Ends: 06:49 PM

March 04 Friday, Revati Begins 03:21 PM

March 23 Wednesday, Anuradha till 09:22 AM

April 01 Friday, Revati Whole day

May 8th SundayBhaanu Saptami till 7:30 AM also Ganga Saptami

May 30 Monday, Ama-soma till 7:30 a.m

June 19th, Sunday Bhaanu Saptami Begins 12:49 pm

June 27 Monday, Mrigashirsha begins 06:32 AM

June 30 Thursday, Pushya begins 03:37 PM

July 23 Saturday, Rohini begins 09:33 AM, also Ekadasi

July 25 Monday, Mrigashirsha ends at 03:36 PM also Somavara Pradosham

July 28 Thursday, Pushya Whole day

August 16 Tuesday, Ashwini begins 11:37 AM

August 20 Saturday, Rohini ends at 07:10 PM also Sri Jayanti

August 25 Thursday, Pushya ends at 06:46 AM

September 13 Tuesday, Ashwini ends at 09:27 PM also Sankata Hara Chaturti

October 2nd Sunday, Bhaanu Saptami ends at 9:17 am, also part of Sharada Navaratri

October 16th Sunday, Bhaanu Saptami Whole day

October 23 Sunday, Hasta Whole day

October 31st MondayShravana Begins: 06:45 PM

November 20, Sunday, Hasta till 02:06 PM

November 23 Wednesday, Anuradha begins 11:07 AM

November 28 MondayShravana Whole day

December 02 Friday, Revati from 07:15 PM

December 21 Wednesday, Anuradha till 08:03 PM

December 30 Friday, Revati Whole day

For more info, refer to this website for the list text and recording of shlokas to be chanted as recommended in Sri Matam’s directive. We will keep on updating the list with more shlokas.

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