Ashva rescued from an accident and slit throat from Madurai

எல்லா உயிர்களும் ஒன்றே; எல்லாவற்றிலும் ஈஸ்வரன் இருக்கிறான் என்று ஒருத்தன் உணர்கிறபோது தான் அவனுக்கு அருள் உண்டாகிறது. இவன் தன் மநுஷ்யர்களுடன் ஸமமான நிலையில் இருந்து கொண்டு பிரியம் காட்டுவதைவிட இன்னும் ஒரு படி கிழே இறங்கி தன்னைக் குறைத்துக் கொண்டு, மற்றவனை ஈஸ்வரனாக நினைத்துதான் ஸேவை செய்கிறான். கொஞ்சங்கூட மமதையே இல்லாமல் “நாம் பெரியவர், உபகாரம் பண்ணுகிறோம்” என்ற அகந்தையே இல்லாமல் இவன் ஸமஸ்தப் பிராணிகளிடம் ஈஸ்வர ஆராதனையாக அன்பைச் செலுத்துகிறபோது, அதுவே இவனை ஸகல பிராணிகளுக்கும் மேலே உயர்த்தி விடுகிறது. இவனுடைய அன்பு வெறும் பேச்சாகவும் எண்ணமாகவும் மட்டுமில்லாமல், ஈஸ்வராநுக்ரஹத்தை வாங்கித் தரக்கூடிய அருட் சக்தியைப் பெற்றுவிடுகிறது. – ஜகத்குரு ஸ்ரீசந்திரசேகரேந்திர சரஸ்வதி ஸ்வாமிகளின் அருள்மொழிகள்

Only when a person realizes that Bhagawan is omnipresent and all living beings are equal, he is blessed by Bhagawan. In fact, he should not consider himself even equal to his fellow beings. He should consider himself lower in status to them and serve them, considering all the living creatures as embodiments of divinity. There should not be even an iota of ego or arrogance in his attitude; the service should be a form of worship. When he does so, his Love does not remain as a mere thought or word but acquires a power to attract the divine blessings of the Supreme Power, Eshwara. – Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

As I mentioned before, while our focus is primarily on cow rescues there are times Periyava shows us the other jeevans that are struggling for life which we cannot and ‘should‘ not ignore. One such incident happened in Madurai couple of days back where a beautiful Ashva (horse) was fatally involved in an road accident and was gasping for food and water by the roadside. No passersby cared. The owner of the Asvan saw her in this state and what he did was horrifying. To add to her misery, he slit the throat of the Ashva and left her in a grave condition. We were notified of this incident through our cow rescue contacts in Madurai and swung into action. Doctors were called, first aid was provided and the Ashvan is transported to an animal shelter place in Virudhunagar. As I had mentioned, while there are quite a lot of good and compassionate hearts around they don’t have the necessary resources to help these struggling jeevans which is where we Periyava Kainkaryam (Sage of Kanchi) have a major role to play. As I write this, the Asvan is being treated and is slowly recovering. In the olden days our great kings used to Ashvamedha Yagam for Loka Kshemam. In today’s world we cannot do Ashwamedha Yagams but Periyava showed us an opportunity to save a poor Asvan that was literally on the ropes. Posting a few pics and video clips below.

Note – We did not pay anything for the Ashvan since the owner abandoned her but now taking care of her medical expenses and transport. There are a few kainkaryam members who have told me to use the contributions as I see fit for a noble cause. I’m making you aware of this as the respective contributions gets utilized for the respective causes mentioned in the bank transfer note or e-mail.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam
Rama Rama



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  1. ஒரு மனித நேயமான கைங்கர்யம் Sai Srinivasan ! Bow my head towards ur kainkaryam team in reverence ! Periyava is with u& ur team Sai !
    Periyava sharanam.

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