Allur, Trichy Dist – Sri Veda Valli Patasala needs your support

Thanks to Sri BN Mama for emailing me with this request. We have shared about this Patasala last year also and just re-sharing just to spread the word and request donors to support this Patasala in whatever way they could.

This VedaPatashala has been functioning for the past five years, in Allur, an Agraharam 10km away from Tiruchi rockfort. There are always around twenty vidyArthIs studying. In the beginning, only Sama and Atharva Vedas were taught. Since one year, Rgveda and Krishna yajurveda have also been added.

There are four Gurus. The students are accommodated in four houses and the Gurus with their families are in three houses. One Sishya house has a kitchen and dining hall. There is a cook who prepares homely food to the students.

A trust has been formed to manage the Patashala. Tax exemption facility for the donors is presently not available, but they are working on it.

The Patashala is being run from the founder’s own resources and largely on donations. Their monthly expenses comes around Rs. Two lacs. No fees are collected from the students.

Substantial donations will help in sustaining VedaRakshanam, which was the utmost prioritised Lakshyam of MahaPeriava.

Request all philonthrophists to donate for this cause.

Donations are welcome.

Srivedavalli Chatur Veda Padasalai
Plot no 2 Sailakshmi nagar
Allur, Trichy 620101.
Please use the below bank details for support.
S/B A/C NO.1276115000006067
Sriragam branch

TDS exemption benefit for donors is awaited. Those who are not particular about this benefit can donate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Spoke to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan and was able to contribute financially. Mahaperiyava Anugraham. Arunachala.

  2. Deserving cause. We should donate whether income tax benefit is available or not.

  3. If donate, can we get Income tax rebate ? please inform

  4. Two different bank accounts are given above. Which is preferred?

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