Orikkai Mani Mandapamum Muthana Anubavangalum by Orikkai Sri Mani Mama


Thanks to Sudhan for sharing this. Mama has been having darshan of Mahaperiyava since he was a small boy and ever since he has lots of direct experiences. I am sure his experiences – particularly around Orikkai manimandapam will be a great treasure for all of us. Our namaskaram to mama for taking time to write this wonderful book.

Periyava Sharanam



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  1. How to buy this book? Namaskaaram

  2. How to buy the book, please?

  3. I am blessed to associated with Mama for couple of years ,! He insists chanting Durga saptha shloki always. His father used to chant Durga saptha shloki always he says ! His home itself is a temple ! Treasure trov3e of knowledge about our shastras ! He never boasts about the temple he built in Orikkai though the entire plan & efforts were his only!
    A great humble person with full Periyava ashirvadams!!
    Periyava sharanam.

  4. I am really blessed to be associated with Shri Mani mama for a coapths shloki hlokiuple of years !
    He is very simple to the core with vast knowledge of Devi bhakti ! His father Shri.Narayanaswami Iyer used to chant Durga shloki always Mama says.
    His entire family is Devi.upasakas !
    I jave learnt so.many good things from Him ! Whenever I have doubt about mantra, shastras I use to seek.His advice !!
    A great soul with all humility !!
    Mama .. my namaskarams
    As always !!
    Rama Rama..g

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