Confessions of an Ex-Christian – Esther Dhanraj

I normally don’t post any messages against other religions belief etc. It is their belief and they have the right to follow. Even here, my objective is to present a scholar, who did her research in Christianity for 4+ years and successfully completed her MS Divinity, sharing her observations/contradictions and more importantly how a well-educated, upper-middle class family fell on the traps of the christian conversion tactics.

Like both Esther and Malahotraji comments, Hindus connect more at a meta-physical level when approaching someone’s problem and Christians approach at a personal/physical/tangible level, which makes people to fall for their conversion tactics. I am not saying that they are right and we are wrong. It is important that Hindus talk to people at all levels to provide comfort. Not everyone can immediately adopt to karma theory – it is an evolution/progression for individuals.

After listening to her interview, I have a huge respect for her curiosity, knowledge, courage and determination to stick to her beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether she is converted back to Hinduism etc – no need – as long as you know that you are not associated with a faith system that you do not believe anymore.

Thank you Esther for your candid and courageous interview.

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I dont know who she is – so, pl dont ask me her phone number/email address etc!


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  1. In all her videos, she has turned comments off. What is she afraid of? Being exposed?
    She was not a Christian to begin with. FAKE CHRISTIAN. Wonder how much she gets paid to do this?

  2. mahesh sir, please give lingapuranam siva sahasranam in namavali form in sanskrit lyrics. . i read one sivaparivar sloka also by ganesh starting with MOOley. please give that also in sanskrit lyrics. that lingapuranam siva sahasranama is told by bhagwan shri krishna to get sudarsan chakra by doining archana with lotus. i will be happy if you do that namavalai of 1000 names in sanskrit lyrics. or can you give the address for to get that book sir.

    • मूले कल्पद्रुमस्य द्रुतकनकनिभं चारुपद्मासनस्थं।
      सर्वालङ्कारकान्तम् वरपरशुमृगाभेरिहस्तम् त्रिनेत्रं
      वन्दे बालेन्दुमौलिम् गजवदनगुहास्लिष्टपार्श्वम् महेशं॥

      this is the dhyana slogan you are referring I think…I dont have the shiva Sahasranamam as mentioned in lingapuranam. Pl google…you may find it.

  3. Yes very much Periyava’s blog only. This is the problem with the certain people of our community . They don’t speak up but they will make lot of passing comments like this.
    Jaya Sankara!
    Hara Hara Sankara!

  4. I thought this was!

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