Brahmavidya – A blessed opportunity to learn Gita & Upanishand meaning

I received an email from Sri Karthikeyan and Sri Lakshminarayana Chakrapani regarding their satsang and how it all started with the blessings of Sri Periyava 2 decades back etc. Looks like a very dedicated team. Pl take this opportunity to learn the meaning of Gita.

Jai Sri Krishna!



Hope by grace of our Acharyas and Ishwara, all of you are doing well in these challenging times…

As we saw the subject post, wanted to share some information, as we have been one of the Pramukha Shishyas of Pujya Sri Sri Swami Omkarananda Swamigal since 1996.. Have had the good fortune of studying the Prasthanatraya Shankara Bhashyas (in original Sanskrit & traditional way) under many great accomplished Gurus and Swamis (including Sri Swami Omkaranadaji) over
the past 30+ years..

About 2 decades back HH Sri Periyava advised us to start a Sathsangh to spread our Shastric knowledge in puritan form and HH named our Sathsangh as ‘Brahmavidya’. Since then, we have been teaching Vedanta (Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads) in a physical setting at various places in Bangalore, and when we travel to the US and far-east – in small sathsangh groups..

Now, given the present situation, the same has been taken to an online platform and classes are being taught for the past about an year on zoom online meeting platform…

We completed Sandhyavandanam all mantra meanings with original Swami Vidyaranya Bhashya for all the Veda Mantra portions, and coming tocomplete 6th chapter of Bhagavad Gita… we have started Taittiriya Upanishad program about a month and a half back..

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Chakrapani (Lux Chakrapani @ NJ,USA) who is one of our great contributors for all our programs. He could be a key (US friendly time) point of contact for all the interested Shrotas from the USA for all our Brahmavidya Programs.



Topic: Bhagavad Gita Meaning Sessions
When: Sat & Sun (every week)
Time: 8.00am-9.00am IST
Medium: Online Zoom Meeting
Knowledge Imparter: Shri Karthik Ji (Vedanta & Bhagavad Gita Teacher)
Medium Of Instruction: English (Sanskrit Mantras with Explanations in English)

Open to all [Ladies(Strees) and Gentlemen (Purushas)]

For registrations: Please send Whatsapp Message from the intended participants’ Mobile (Whatsapp Enabled) with a request for addition in the Bhagavad Gita Program to: HariharaGanesh-ji: +91 99000 68645

Note: All audio recordings (including historical) will be shared with registered participants only.


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  1. First came to know of Seimad Bhaghavath GEtha in 1959 (at the age of 10). In 1966, I read Paul Brenton’s book on Shri Ramana Maharishi. Was fortunate to listen to a lot of PRAVACHANA KARTHAs starting from Pujya Shri Swami Chinmayanandaji, and many others and take notes. Meanwhile, read boks by Osho and Swami Rama, Swami Arobinmdho, SriLaSriPrabhupaadanandaji and many others. In 1999, a friend gave me a book by Swami OM explainning the teachings of Bagavan Ramana Maharishi. That was an Eureka moment. Could for the first time after a gap of 33 years of first coming to know of Bhagavan, could grasp what his core message. Siill core message of BG was eluding. Meanwhile Swami Dayanandhaji had suggested reading Tripurarahasyam, IN 2002, core message of Srimadh Bhaghavath GEtha revealed itself. That is after 43 years after first hearing about BG. Finally, i approached Swami Omkaranadaji who streesed that only way to LIVE a life of sharma as prescribed in BG is saadhan – practice, practice, practice ….. NARRATED THIS TO EXPLAIN HOW DIFFICULT IT COULD BE TO READ , UNDERSTAND AND PUT IN TO PRACTICE. Then lead a blissful lefe. Pray BHAGVAN taht HIS divine forces guide all the participants in this program to realisation and a blessed life at a MUCH SHORT INEVAL than what i went tthrough

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