Sri Periyava blessing to cow-rescue team

Although I get Periyava darshans once in a while, I dont write them in public but I am making an exception here for this noble cause.

I talked to Sai few days back and heard that he got Periyava blessing via Sri Raghu on the cow rescue – he posted about the same here.

On that night I had a dream where Sai is standing with some of his cow-rescue team members in front of Periyava. It is almost late in the night. It seems like Periyava is standing in some temple – it also looks like Orikkai.

I go there right when Sai is introducing his friends to Periyava and I join them.

Periyava upon seeing me says “Mahesh Krishnamoorthy”.

I immediately say “Periyava I have zero contribution to all these cow rescue”. Periyava laughs and blesses all!

I felt good about this whole dream as it is good see Periyava blessing this noble effort. As usual, I get free credit for someone’s work 🙂

Please support Sai’s initiative to rescue these cows from the auction.

Periyava Sharanam.

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  1. Does anyone know if children below 10 years are allowed in Matham right now?

  2. Great… let us join together to support Sai and his team.
    When we see the Gohmadhas enjoying- grazing and running around the farm… … it’s really amazing and a kind of blessings from its soul. The love that shows to its calf, the look that gives to the person who feeds imagine you are one such person standing next to the cow…

    Keep support this rescue… and support saving the lives.

    Shri Periyava Saranam.

  3. I uncle pls send the messages to in stead of sending here.

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