A Teary Rescue Effort….

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – As I keep saying often, Cow rescues are often painful….every rescue is different because of the circumstances; the owners, their location, their mentalities all vary. At the end of the day, one thing is common, more often than not cow owners look purely at their self gain and leave the cows/calves fending themselves for survival. I came to know about a person who was initially selling goats and just started doing milk business. Since he did not have much background/experience on cows he purchased some low yielding cows and got grumpy as he did not get enough qty of milk. He had brought two cows and calves and when the cows were milking only 3 liters a day, in a fit of rage, he sold both the cows to slaughter. Fortunately his wife stopped him selling the infant calves. The two calves he had were crying non-stop for their mother when my contact who lives nearby informed me of this situation. I went there and saw those two poor calves in a depressed state looking for their mother, without realizing they were long gone.

I started having conversations with the milkman to find what he is up-to; found that he purchased couple of more cows and was complaining the qty of milk he is getting from them is not sufficient either and he is planning to sell them as well. One of the cows he had was without a calf and that cow was totally restless. I asked him the reason for that. He said the guy whom he got this cow from sold the calf as soon as it was born to veal market so he could take all the milk. This person went ahead and purchased the cow from him. Mother was in great depression and was crying ‘Amma’, ‘Amma’ non-stop searching for her son. In this state of mind she was in, she could not milk the quantity to milk man’s expectations and he was planning to sell her for slaughter. This was the situation when Periyava showed me a way to put a end to the misery of these cows/calf by rescuing them. Also, as you see in the pictures, the guy did not have any cow shed and the cows were tied to the roadside dumpster with quite a bit sludge on the ground that generated a lot of insects and mosquitoes. They were literally tearing them apart which I experienced badly when I went to buy those cows.

There are few striking things you would see in the pictures below.

1. Two orphan calves, one light brown and black in an agonized state since their mothers were sold and they are still searching for them. When I went to caress them I could clearly sense they were longing for their mothers who had left this world.

2. Cows tied in roadside trashcan with not much space to move with insects and mosquitoes tearing them apart. You could see how depressed the black cow is looking without her son.

3. Picture of the cow whose son was sold to veal market but continue to cry and looking for him. You can see the picture below where she is looking for him even before boarding our truck. See how emotional it is….

4. The video of a calf that is about to be boarded on the truck but looking very weak due to lack of milk since milkman sucks all of the milk leaving the infant with literally nothing. See his eyes in the video and how weak pale it looks. Unfortunately, due to lack of milk he died in a couple of days after the rescue.

5. An 5 min awareness video regarding how calf gets separated from their mothers as soon as they are born

On a related topic which I mentioned many times before but re-iterated through this small 5-min video clip below. It is a pretty tragic start but a happy ending; spare a thought for the mother though, how much agonized she would have been. Man is the most dangerous of all species and it is proven yet again in this video. Unfortunately this is a very regular happening in most places including the rescue efforts mentioned above. Rama Rama

Many Jaya Sankara Hara Sankara to Smt. Archana Kumar for her kind contributions that helped with this cow rescue.

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  1. கன்றினுக்கு சேதா கனிந்திரங்கல் போல் என்றெனக்கு இரங்குவாய் கருணை எந்தாய் பராபரமே. Thayumanava swami is asking the almighty to show him the love which a mother cow shows to its calf. Now that people are separating Mother and calf…. what do they expect to receive…. if we still don’t understand the reasons for brutal rapes , murder etc. in our society, who can save us.

    It is a big shame that we enjoy so much of her milk and leave her calves to starve.

  2. It’s the time to awaken & bring out awareness amongst Humanity – Mankind…As our Jagadguru in HH Anugraha Bhashanam to the Young Audience, clearly explicitly delivered, the fact that with education, n livelihood People should EVOLVE too…
    Man must have A sense of discretion, when It comes to how much Time, energy, space & Money one could AFFORD to give/spend towards their Basic necessities of food, clothing & shelter….Here would like to bring to the kind notice As to How many of us have OBSERVED that on an average the food , clothing & Vaastu energies are being indiscreetly RECYCLED….
    Is it ignorance that MOTHER NATURE, is still CALM – COMPOSED: n waiting for all of us to GROW UP from within…???

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