Mahaperiyava Treasure Chest by Artist Keshav – childhood to sanyasa

I am sure Sri Keshav needs no introduction. I got inspired by his daily Krishna drawings in FB and started following. Later I started to realize what an amazing artist he is. To me, he is a combination of Silpi & Ma.Se. His collection on Mahaperiyava drawings are mesmerizing – the nativity he brings in his drawings and the facial expressions and the kind of shadings and contrast he brings out on the subject is absolutely stellar!

Without Periyava’s grace, one can’t bring this level of perfection to the drawing.

Our salute to you Keshav Sir! Please draw more Periyava amidst your other commitments – we will be very glad to enjoy them!

Periyava Sharanam!

Note – I was planning to share them all at once but then decided to share one/day so that we can all enjoy each drawing!

First set is all Periyava’s purvashrama days.

1. Swaminathan with his parents

2. Swaminathan giving anklets to a thief – I need to find and read this incident – dont recall reading this one.

3. Mother tells Swaminathan the philosophy of detaching oneself from material objects of desire. the incident of a cat’s head stuck in a vessel

4. Swaminathan reading Tirukkural – the importance of Pitru worship, deva athiti bandu and then the self

5. Swaminathan with his school inspector

6. Swaminathan, consoling his mother, (on knowing that he would become a sanyasin), tells about his dream where an elephant garlands him which foresees that he would be an emperor.

7. Mahalakshmi is consoled by Swaminathan’s father – he tells the story of how Adisankara used the opportunity when a crocodile grabs him. He convinces his mother that sanyasa could give benefits for 21 generations and that it was she who should wilfully permit her son to become a sanyasin, which incidentally is performed standing in the water. 

8. Swaminathan’s father’s friend, who is an astrologer, checks his feet and identifies that he is holding the feet of a greatest Mahan

9. Swaminathan learns music from his father – I love the depiction of Saraswathi Herself watching this!

10. Swaminathan / Periyava with the famous murukku paati!

11. Kalavai Periyava with Swaminathan and his cousin

12. Periyava taking sanyasa – 1907!




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  1. The pictures take us to be with Mahaswami when he was a young boy. Beautiful! Our pranams.


  3. A picture book for children? In these days when children are in near complete disassociation from our Sanskrithi, picture books with such authentic illustrations will etch it in their minds, to draw upon in later life for inspiration and strength.

  4. Excellent keshav ji

  5. Beautiful work by Sri Keshav Ji !

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara…

  6. There was a excellent one by Keshav of MahaPeriyava and Ariyakudi Ramanuja Ayyangar regarding the incident of the musician summoned to sing Dikshitar’s “Subrahmanyaya” after the musician got the President’s award. Not all of the brilliant/ blessed artist of MahaPeriyava is here. Do try to share the one mentioned. Alternately in The Hindu Archives – link

  7. Great sketches and wonderful portraits of Maha Periyava in his childhood days. We can understand the agony of his mother, when he takes to sanyas. All mothers would want their sons to lead a prosperous, materialistic life. But Swaminathan was an exception and he was destined to climb higher, to be a beacon of hope and spirituality to the mankind. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  8. Excellent depiction and explicit work. Only blessed gets chance to see such rare depiction. By the way Mahesh Garu, is it the same Keshav ji who is also doing cartoon work for ‘The Hindu’ paper? Correct me, I may be wrong.

  9. Amazing sketches by Keshavji🙏🙏🙏 wonderful depiction. Thank you

  10. Wonderful sketches. The one where he is learning music from His father being watched by Sri Saraswathi
    Is awesome.How he could imagine this sequence?
    Ram Ram

  11. Great work by Keshav Ji… I used to think if there is a cartoon film on Maha Periyava’s life history, it will be a great medium for our younger generation to know about Periyava … Perhaps Periyava will bless for that too.. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  12. During 1st standard, we had padam parthu kadhai sol.

    Idhu padam parthu kaviyam purindhukoll.
    Pranams to Mahaperiava

  13. Marvellous work. Keshavji and thank you Mr Mahesh for displaying such wonderful pieces of divine art for devotees. Mr. Keshav may continue with this and bring out a sketch book om Mahaperiyavaa right from His birth till now. This will be an acclaimed one and will be a great reward for the younger generation to easily understand as they will prefer such illustrative books with easily understandable descriptive sketches.

  14. அருமையான படமும் விளக்கமும்
    மகாபெரியவா எல்லோரையும் ரட்சித்து

  15. Excellent Mr.Mahesh.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  16. Maha Periyava anugraham paripoornam! Expressions so thathroopam Maha Periyava charanam charanam. Namaskaram Vijaya Kumar

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  17. Excellent depiction by Keshav!

  18. There should be an exhibition set up for this and taken all around India

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