HH Triplicane Periyava Aradhana Commentary by Sri Ganapthy

Thanks Sri Ganapathy for the photos and a short and sweet audio. Through him I get to know more about swamigal.

Read the text – http://valmikiramayanam.in/?p=1798

Our namaskaram to HH Triplicane Periyava!

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  1. Brahmashri Ganapathy Subramanian Sir Lecture is excellent and outstanding and there is no words for me to praise the divine voice. By being a professional in profession he is taking time for preparing divine website valmikiramayanam which will be very much useful for elders and childrens to sharp their mind in bhagavad kariyam. He is doing great service for the society


    with humble pranams

  2. Namaskaaram,
    Listened to both the audio’s. Each word is lesson to be learnt. Thank you so much sharing.

  3. Can someone share the names of the 4 mahans mentioned by mahaperiyavaa. One among them is triplicane periyava. Who are the rest 3?

  4. Added a second audio about how Swamigal climbed the ladder to reach moksham http://valmikiramayanam.in/?p=1812

  5. feeling blessed to listen to this audio. keep sharing them.

    • Namaskaaram

      Mahaperiyava had mentioned four people as Mahans – Sri Sivan Sir (by birth), Sri Pradosham mama (by bakthi), Sri Musiri dikshitar (by karma), HH Anagarai Periyava (by pravachanam). He had also mentioned Angarai Periyava as as an avatar of Adi Seshan.

      I have pasted the above lines i read from this site. If you type ‘pazhur’in the search field, you will get lots of articles written on shri aangarai periava.

      Mahaperiava sharanam

  6. அபாரமான ஆடியோ திருவல்லிக்கேணி பெரியவா பற்றிய உரை! கேட்கப் பரவசம்!

  7. Divine! Please keep sharing.

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