Rare photo from 1963

Thanks to Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan mami and Sri Ambi for sharing the photo..

On the bottom of the photo, they have recorded the date on which Mahaperiyava visited this place and the context. The place where this happened is missing. Regardless, this is a great treasure!

for those who could not read those lines, it says

“On 28-11-1963, Paramacharya visited the manufacturing unit of Lalitha Pharmacy and Dr  V.R.L is seen having a conversation with His Holiness”.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Periyava Rare Photo from 1963.jpeg

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  1. Today I happened to listen to Mrs VRL and Mahaperiyava. Its quite interesting that I know late V R Srinivasa Iyer and his brother Dr VRL of Lalitha Pharmacy. Everything is factual and blessed immensely by Mahaperiyava himself. He casually used to mention “Aswametya yagam” tp VRL for his services to mankind.
    I know the family since 1955 from schooling. Natarajan, Ravi, Bala and their 4 sisters. Their mother is related to our family. I have visited late VRL of KMB during my school days. I still cherish those memorable days though I am 10 or 13000 miles away. It is a small world. I should admit I am nothing compared to late VRL.
    Our respects to all the elders. Long live the tradition.

  2. I regret my impulsive knee jerk reaction. Kindly apologise me Shri Jayasankaranji. Sorry for the belated SORRY!

  3. Thanks for a new photograph of Mahaperiyavaa.

  4. Sri Ravichandran I was surprised to see your lasy para. I was referring to my own reply in response to blogger’s post that the place is not known. I tried to clarify that it could be Kumbakonam or so and if my such view is not correct, I had equested others to correct. You have totally misread my reply. I am careful that I should not be wrong in my views but you were under the impression that I have doubts on the photo and itd background. No way. ! have been following this group for many years and have posted my comments of appreciation. Umpteen times. Hope i have clarified. Regards. Thanks


    Smt. Saraswathi Thiagarajan is one of my elder sisters. Late Dr. V.R.L Sarma is our paternal uncle (our father’s youngest brother).

    The photo showing LORD SRI MAHA PERIYAVA with my paternal uncle, chitthi (aunt) was snapped in their erstwhile home at Kamakshi Joisyar Street. This photo is still hung on the walls of the present house, where our old aunt is still living. What is shown in the blog is the same photo and the date of HIS Vijayam is clearly indicated long ago. A pair of SRI SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVA’s PADUGA is still decorating their Pooja Room.

    I request Sri Jayasankaranji to let us know what is according to him not factual, or authentic or truthful.

    • Of late I am seeing an increasing trend of suspecting everything. While I partially agree to that sentiment with respect to certain articles related to experiences etc, I am really surprised on how someone one could fake a photograph of Mahaperiyava – what is there to fake? I clearly called out that it came from Smt Saraswathi mami and Sri Ambi, whom are highly genuine in whatever they do. They have impeccable reputation among Periyava circle. The photograph clearly says down below the person who is with Periyava..the only detail that is missing is the city name, which is Kumbakonam. Sri Ambi sent me a note subsequently to clarify that also.

      Thanks to Sri Ramachandran for clarification…

      Let me take this as another opportunity to say this – “don’t suspect every thing..it hurts several people who genuinely contribute in this selva including me…there is no reason for this blog to pick up any more credibility by faking any news “.

      > >

      • There seems to be a misunderstanding of the gentleman’s reply. I believe he was trying to say to excuse him if his statement was incorrect and not about the photo itself.

  6. Its a baagyam to see such treasures .

  7. In all likelihood, the place can be Kumbakonam and Dr V R L to be Dr V R Lakshmikantha Sharma and Lalitha pharmacy to be an Ayurvedic pharmacy. As per Sri Jagadhguru Divya Charithram, Acharyas were camping at Kalyanapuram near Thiruvidaimaruthur between 10.11.63 and 4.12.63 and it is close to Kumbakonam. Please correct me if this is incorrect, because anything connected to Maha periava should remain factual, authentic and ultimately true.

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