Happy Deepawali!


On behalf of the blog, I wish each of you and your family members a very happy Deepawali. Being devotees of Kanchi Acharyas, let us pray them for their blessings and hope that the light of knowledge and wisdom removes the darkness of maya and ignorance around us. Let us also pray Goddess Lakshmi to bless us all with health, wealth, knowledge and wisdom to enable our spiritual journey.

I have provided two links to Periyava’s speeches on Deepawali. Please listen to the voice of God on this auspicious day.

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  1. Thanks Mahesh for your Diwali greetings.
    We also wish you a Happy Diwali.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  2. Best wishes and greetings for a Happy and joyful Deepavali to Mahesh and Sai Srinivasan and their family members. Both of them burn their midnight oil to ensure that the readers’ day begins with Maha Periyava’s golden words.

    On this happy occasion, let me share my thoughts and seek the views and advice of all devotees of Maha Periyava. In one of the interviews given by Respectful Salem Ravi Mama, he had mentioned about the ‘bhiksha’ (as I type this my eyes are filled with tears) sought by the Maha Periyava from all parents – ”if you have four sons, please spare one to me for veda samrakshanam”.

    There had apparently been good response to the above appeal. To mention few shining examples known to me – we are privileged to have in our midst the incomparable “Musiri Mahaan”, his illustrious sons, sons-in law, Respectful Narayana Vaajapayajee and his son, Vaithikasri Nannilam Rajagopala Ghanapatikal – not to leave out – Salem Ravi Mama’s son who is a learned and respected Srouthikal etc,.

    I am in the early seventies. Before I close my eyes, I wish to continue and if possible, improve upon my humble contribution to noble causes which were close to the heart of Maha Periyava viz. render assistance to individually run vedapatashala/s, Go-Samrakshanam (by becoming a Poshakar for “KrupaPathram”), becoming a part of Nochiam Mami’s stupendous efforts, taking part in Veda Parayanam, Sri Adhi Rudram events, support an organization doing dedicated service towards the ‘upliftment’ young rural girl children etc,.

    Is there any other avenue/s or deserving causes that I am overlooking? If yes, please do spare some time and advise me as to what more can be done.

    With respectful pranams to elders and good wishes to youngsters. Jaya Jaya Sankara!! Hara Hara Sankara!!

    V.V.Ganesan belonging to Vishnampettai village near Thirukkattupalli, Thanjavur Dist. Residing in Coimbatore. Presently, in the USA on green card. India mobile number – 98430 99389 (with roaming and Whats App facility). US Cell number – 415 517 5658.

    • || Sri Ganesaya Nama: ||

      Sri Ganesan Namaskaram anantam! It is because of people like you we still have rains. Namaskaram to that. Next time you are in India, can we meet? I will come over wherever you are. You are also welcome to my place at Srimad Bhuloka Vaikuntam.

      • Namaskarams. I will return to Coimbatore on 4th Nov. I will be in India till end of Mar, 2017. I do have plans to visit Nochiam and Govindapuram during the last week of Nov. I will also visit the veda patashala run by Brahmasri Vasudeva Sarma in Sirukamani. It will certainly be my pleasure to meet you in Tiruchi. Can I have your land line and/or mobile number. Also, your mail ID. My email ID – vishyvganesan@yahoo.com. You can also send message using WhatsApp on my mobile number 98430 99389.

        Hara Hará Sankara!!! Jaya Jaya Sankara!!!

  3. Wishing all devotees and members of the blog a very happy and prosperous Deepavali! May Maha Periyava Blessings be ever on Mahesh and his family, fellow workers of the blog and all members! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Wish you and all the members here a very happy and prosperous Deepavali. Thanks for the audio, I listened to it. I have a query and need clarification.

    In this website, under “Periyavaa quiz” on October 11, there was a question asked – who is the “elder brother (ANNA) of bagavad gita” and the answer was Deepavali. In the final answer posted on October 14, it was mentioned as “Deepavali was ANNA of Bagavad gita and not THAMBI”. Where as in this audio Mahaperiayavaa clearly tell “Deepavali is THAMBI of Bagavad gita”. Also in “kamakoti sandesa YouTube video on Deepavali” published today mentions Deepavali as THAMBI. Can we have the location in DEIVATHIN KURAL where Mahaperiayavaa said as ANNA instead of THAMBI?






    g. alamelu venkataramanan.

    On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 9:33 AM, Sage of Kanchi wrote:

    > Mahesh posted: ” On behalf of the blog, I wish each of you and your family > members a very happy Deepawali. Being devotees of Kanchi Acharyas, let us > pray them for their blessings and hope that the light of knowledge and > wisdom removes the darkness of maya and ignorance ” >

  6. Thank very many Sri Mahesh for the DEEPAVALI Greetings which heartilyreceiprocate.Janakiraman. NAGAPATTINAM

  7. Maha swami is blessing us all Let us follow the principles laid by HIM truly in our lives.
    Hara Hara Sankara

  8. Wishing you all a Very Happy Deepavali… Mahesh,Sai Srinivasan and family members.Let us all pray to Mahapreiyava for peace,health and happiness. Also let us pray to our Guru’s to bless us with a settled,calm and steady mind for the rest of our life. Happy Deepavali to all our blog readers.



  10. litting light means avoiding ignorance and black sins in life.

  11. Very happy Diwali to you and your family. I pray for Mahaperiavaa’s blessings on all of us.

  12. I wonder when I am going to celebrate Deepaavali ever in my life again! Just about 25 days back my Periyappa left for Sivalokam. Year before that, it was my beloved younger brother of 52. A year prior to that, it was my beloved Chittappa. My own beloved father took his Pushpaka Vimanam in 2012. Now there is a whole lot of 7-8 close relatives lined up. I shouldn’t forget my own turn somewhere in between or down the line. In my Life Junction it is only departures one after the other now. No scope for fresh arrivals, it seems.

    Anyway, thank you so much Sri Mahesh for your Deepaavali wishes. At least I should find joy in others’ celebrations, or may be help those who cannot celebrate, celebrate theirs!

    Now it is too late as I am travelling. Perhaps [God Willing] I should celebrate Deepaavali with a nearby Veda Patasaalaa boys giving them a couple of appropriate vastrams, sweets, crackers etc. next year. Let me see — how Sri Periyavaa guides me along!

  13. Thanks a lot for the wishes. We all wish u n yr family members the same with loads of blessings from our Maha Periyava.

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