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Maha Periyava-30

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – There has been a identity mistake on the photos posted as Maha Periyava’s & Sivan SAR’s Purvashrama parents in Adiyen’s post yesterday.  The devotee who posted in Whatspp has issued a clarification which I want to share with you all.

The first two pictures are NOT Maha Periyava’s & Sivan SAR’s Purvashrama parents. It is Shri. Chandavolu Raghava Narayana Shastri Garu as authenticated by Athreya who is a shishya of Shri Chandavolu Raghava Narayana Shastri Garu. The woman’s picture is his Dharma Pathini. Please circulate this correction message to whomever who have shared with or forwarded to. Sincere apologies for the profound confusion. I have updated the post with the relevant picture. Ram Ram

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  1. J aya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. There is saying that “Mistakes are not made but they do occur”
    Thanks for the correction in time. janakiraman. Nagapattinam.

  2. Please understand now after mukthi of Mahaperiyavaa now 22 years have gone. Now, 1920, to 1950 incidents, if somebody is sending means, first verify their age.

    First publication of his biography is written by his own Poorvasrama brother, total authenticated, published in 1957. That was original source. Then few interviews, few articles, few souvenirs, published by Kamakoti kochasthanam are only sources.

    Even Deivasigamani kural was first published in 1976.

    Now, if somebody is giving a rarest photo means, please check many times.

    Sorry, not hurting you,

    Now who saw marati swamigal only can confirm that rarest photo (Maha swamigal without dandam and another old Santa’s.. The matter about marati swamigal was mentioned by Maha swamigal only, what life has taught me article in Bhavan journal


  3. Noted….. Sai Garu! By the way, can we have the Darshan of Maha Periva’s Purvashrama parents?

  4. Excellent. Probably their anushtanam made them as parents of Maha Periyava for a while.

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