I was there, but you still did pooja to my Padhukas only!

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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Thanks to Shri Srinivas for the Whatsapp share and Shri Suresh P for the FB Share. Ram Ram

I was there, but you still did pooja to my Padukas only!

The Sishya is expected to follow certain rules and regulations which have been detailed in the Rudrayamala. This is one of the rules:

7. While performing Pooja or Japa, if Guru or Gurvamba arrive, the shishya should halt his Japa or Pooja and welcome the Guru and his Shakti.

“Regarding point no.7 I have a funny story to share with this forum. My great grandfather was doing puja to MahaPeriyava’s Padukas in Mayavaram in one of those houses that stretched from one street to the next. Sri Periyava was camping in Mayavaram and the whole family had gone for darshan except my great grandfather and the cook who remained at home.

Apparently His Holiness came in through the back door of his home, stood behind my great grandfather for a minute or so, and left via the front door all in a matter of minutes. The cook felt a flash of kashayam in the corner of his eye and was wondering what is going on!

He peeped out and saw His Holiness going out of the front door. He started shouting and they both ran to the front by which time HH had gone a mile away. You all know how fast He used to walk.

When my great grandfather went to the camp, prostrated and begged His forgiveness, this is Periyava’s cheeky reply,

” Yenda! Naane nerla vandhalum, en padugaikkuthaan puja pannuvaiyaa?!” (What, even if I come to your home in person, you will do poojas only to My Padukas, is it?!” 🙂

He then extolled the virtues of Guru paduka to my great grandfather!”


Narrated many years back by the blessed Smt Radhika Chandramouli.

What Mischievous games He played!


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  1. Jai Ma


    Your great grandfather is truly blessed since his holy Ishta appeared in the flesh in response to his prayers! Is that not what puja is supposed to achieve?

    Then the paduka issue is yet more icing on the cake! The Ishta got him to come and give prolonged darshan in the flesh and spoke to him and played with him!!
    Jai Guru

    Hare Srinivasa

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