Rare silent video of Bagawan Ramanar

Found this in FB….For some reason there is no audio – I dont know if this is a problem with my laptop.  Only then, I realized the power of silence when watching Bagawan. Isn’t his teaching all about inner silence and jeeva-brahma aikyam? I see it as a coincidence! The silence in this video amplifies Bagawan’s blessings….While watching rare videos like this and Periyava, I prefer no background sound – gives us an opportunity to do our prayer peacefully.

Look at His eyes with ever-flowing peace and karunyam!! Reminds me of Paul Brunton’s book on his experience on sitting in front of Bagawan of hours together with absolutely no sound whatsoever!

How blessed are we to live in the same century as mahans like Him!!

Om Bagawn Sri Ramana Maharishi Padham Potri!!

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  1. Its raining compassion and divinity from His eyes. Very good video. Thanks for sharing. Shri Nochur Venkatraman swamy used to often quote Paul Brunton as saying “His silence is more eloquent”. How true!

  2. Thanks for this vedio share.

  3. Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya


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