Jata parayanam completion @TV Kovil

Thanks to Ambi for sending live feeds from Tiruvnaikka on the last day of Jata parayanam that has been going on the past 10 days – today is the completion day…. One must visit this sankara matam when they go to Trichy – one of the finest – my most favorite patasala.

Our virtual namaskarams to the event!


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  1. Dear Mahesh, Very glad to see your warm sentiments about T.V.KoilSankara Mutt which is more than 300 years old. Late Pro.T.M.P.Mahadevanof University of Madras has written much details about TiruvanaikoilSankara Mutt and Vedhapata sala started by Mahaswamigal soonafter he became pontiff of Kanchi Mutt in his book entitledSAGE OF KANCHI PUBLISHED in 1967. Only after reading the book I started visiting often Mutt whenever I went toswami darshan. Yajur vedha pata sala with few students had ceased to existdecade ago. Thanks to generous efforts of vedhic vishwasis and devoteesof Sankara Mutt, Rikh vedhapatasala was started with dynamic and youngvedic scholar Sri Subramania Ganapadigal. Now over two dozen vidyarthisare studying and few more learn higher aspects of vedhic lessons.Majorrepair works were carried out and I am thankful to Sri Anand Vasaudevanof Amirtha Varshini who helped to collect adequate funds from overseas. Still we have a long way to go for the revival of past glory. Pudhu periyavaastudied Yajur vedham in his young age prior to his sanyasi asramam. Balaperiyavaa is showing keen interest in the patasala and its young vidyarthis.I remember you were at patasala few years ago during your trip. I was fortunate to join Guru Poornima day at Mutt Thanks for nice fotos sent bySri Ambi. knarayanaswamy,BHEL TIRUCHY

    Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 01:49:08 +0000 To: knswamy@live.com

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