Ever seen one before? I have not! Never heard about vilvam with 12 leaves together! Saw it for the first time in TV Kovil last week. Just amazing how beautiful and divine our nature is…One must be blessed to have vilvam tree at home….Offered to thatha ummachi!

Aum Nama Shivaya!!


Maha Vilvam2.JPG

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  1. Hi. I am Eswaran from Malaysia. I have normal Vilvam tree (3 leaves) im my house. Currently looking for maha vilvam. Any idea where i can buy?

  2. All, i am SR Iyer in new jersey, travelling to india in the first week of december. interested in getting seeds of maha vilvam (5 petal) and Rajavilvam ( 12 petalS) can some one help me in sourcing the seeds

    • Sir,

      Find any naatu medicine place or talk to any florist and they can help you….

      On November 30, 2016 at 10:12:33 AM, Sage of Kanchi ( wrote:

      • I am going to kochi and will try to source in Ayurveda medicine stores. Will some one familiar with this vilvam source the seeds in Tamil Nadu and ship it to me

        Thank you in advance

        SR Iyer

      • Namaskaram…in Kochi itself you can find govt.nursery and lots of private nursery…you can get it…before that pray to Mahaperiyava….He will show you where it is….I purchased lot of saplings in Kerala….Our Mahaperiyava will show you the way….

  3. Dear Venkat/Arun sai ram…namaskaram…don’t worry., on 21/10/16 we will go to Sidhamalli, to attend the Aradhana of Sri Yadheendral…who got sanyaasam from our Mahaperiyava (He hugged Him(His vedic guru) and gave sanyasam…So, I will plant one Mahavilvam sapling in this Temple., I think Gajasamharamoorthi asking through you….Thanking you/

  4. It is first time seeing Vilvam with 12 leaves. Thank you for sharing

  5. Maha Vilvam Pooja to Maha Periyava! Great Blessing to have such a Divine Dharshan! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful pic and information.
    When I was at Pune we saw that the best Vilvams were from Kolhapur.

    Infact during our Kailash Yatra in 2013, a couple brought a lot of these Vilvams from Kolhapur and it retained its freshness even after 10 days, when we performed the pooja at Manasarovar.

    I also saw one beautiful Vilvam Tree with fresh Vilva-leaves at the Sri Sathya Sai Samithi in Saligramam, Chennai.

  7. In the Kumbakonam town kakahastheeswarar temple (Near Sankara madam Madam street) we can see the Maha vilvam tree. And also in Chennai Thiruvanmiyur Marudeeswarar temple near Vanni tree This Maha vilvam tree is growing…!!!. Do you know this…? A poor boy who daily give one kudalai ( holy bag made out of coconut tree for picking flowers) Maha Bilvam for 10 days( without knowing others),when periyava stayed in Andra pradesh during 1950 s,Finaly he was ‘caught’. and periyava gave him prasadams. While leaving that place, Periyava insturcted the Villeage Head man, ” the death day of the boy has to be intimated without fail to the Kanchi Mutt..” how long period it may took.. After some decades gone one after noon a telegram reached from that village stating the ‘boy’ (now experienced man) has left the world…. While reaching the news, Maha periyava before knowing this immediately went to kamatkshi temple took bath 7 times and did japam in the inner mandapam inside the tank 7 times more than 7 hrs….for him….!!. And reached the Mutt after 10 pm on that day and told the devotees that He has helped the boy’s soul to reach “Swarga loka” after succeeding his sins…! This is the Holiness of Maha Bilvam…!! We must know that 10 days of pooja to Chandra mouleeswara using Maha Bilvam .has took the( boy) or any one to Heaven after “subtracting ” whatever sin one has committed in one’s life…!!! Jaya jaya Shankara…..!!!

  8. Very happy to see 12 thala vilvam. In our house at Saligramam, three thala vilvam tree is there.
    Maha Periyavaa Thiruvadai Saranam.

  9. In Sankar Nagar, Srirangam, in our house there is a vilvam tree, grown naturally. One of our neighbours is insisting and with very abusive language, wants to cut down the tree. We have many times politely told him that cutting trees in general and in particular trees like vivam and atthi are not only against eco friendliness, but also against shastras and teachings of great Acharyas. Only Sri Paramacharya can make such people understand.

  10. There are Vilvams with varied dalams Like3, 5,8,11

  11. Mahesh …i was blessed to have seen ashtadala vilvam recently. Someone from Thiruvanmiyur brought this vilvam for Periyava puja at home on Anusham day. I dont even know of Vilavam with eight dalams! Really you are blessed!!

    • I have seen a massive Bilvam tree in the on the back yard of my mother-in-law’s parental house, which is on the banks of Tunga River at Shimoga.

    • Sacchi! (my sister Saraswathi Thyagarajan is called at home in the same name) I have seen a massive bilvam tree in the back yard of my mother-in-law’s parental house, which is on the banks of Tunga River at Shimoga.

  12. Thanks for the photo. I have seen this first time.

  13. We are also fortunate to have a Vilva tree at home, with both 5 leaves and 3 leaves, . Of course we offer to Maha Periava. This mahavilvam is really grand!

  14. i saw in the pooja umachi thatha vigraham. where can i get one for pooja

  15. A mahavilvam tree was planted in tiruvanaikaval Sankara madam temple you can see the details and pics in my blog I wrote after visit this temple. There as much more wonders here
    I have also seen mahavilvam in the Kovoor temple near kunrathur and also in the sirkazhi temple . The priest at Kovoor told me that if you have found a mahavilvam you c are assured of moksham and his grandfather had found one and planted it at the temple.

  16. great people…… great offering….. Blessed souls you folks all are!

  17. A great gift by MotherNature for SriMahaPeriva’s PUJAI !The devotees are really fortunate to have such bilva leaves in their court yard and to perform puja

  18. We also have vilvam tree in our house with 12 leaves (Maha vilvam), with 3 big leaves (in vetrilai size) i.e. Raja vilvam, with 5 leaves (pancha vilvam), with 3 leaves (general vilvam) which is offered to Maha Periyava on every Anusha Pooja

  19. Namaskaram, I have seen the tree at Sundara Mandiram (Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Birth Place) at Thiruchuzhi

  20. we have maha vilvam raja vilvam naattu nilvam pancha vivam in our house for maha periyava pooja

    • Namasthe. I am Pushpa from Coimbatore. Very glad to see your post. What is Raja vilvam. May we see the photos please. We have thrithala vilvam and mahavilvam at home. Eager to plant the others also. We have agri exhibition in Coimbatore from 15th July. If I could see the photo, I may get a chance to buy and plant it at home. May I expect your reply please?

    • Namaskaram. Yes, it is a rare tree., I planted this tree in Sirukarumbur (some 20 km.away from Kanchipuram., Kamakshi temple, abhimanasthalam of Maha Periyava., I also planted this tree in Thandalam, birth place of Sri Bala Periyava., in Kalavai also., still I am nurtureing 5 saplings of this kind., these are all happening in my life., ……only Mahaperiyava’s Anugraham.

      • Venugopal Brother, That is a great blessing indeed, if you have more saplings of MahaVilvam we would be happy to plant one at Temple Vazhoovur, GajaSamharamoorthy in Mayavaram. We were blessed to plant Vanni Maram there two years back and is grown well by the grace of MahaPeriyava.
        Aum Sairam,

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