Sri Periyava Mahimai News Letter – Oct 25 2006

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Newsletter and great incidents from Sri Pradosha Mama gruham. Periyava’s strict adherence to Dharma even on trivial matters amazes us along with his ever flowing karunyam! Thanks to our Sathsang Seva member for the translation.

If anyone is wondering why Sri Periyava has worn garland in this fashion Sri Periyava himself has explained in one of the incidents. Gnani’s always meditate on Ambal’s Thiruvadi (holy feet). Ambal’s Thiruvadi resides in their head (siras). Offering garlands and flowers is as good as placing our head in Ambal’s Thriuvadi. Ram Ram


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Sri Sri Maha Periyava’s Glory – 25-10-2006

An Exemplary, Holy Person (Thanks to Maha Periyava Darishana Anubhavangal)

Sarveshwara, the husband of Uma ( Parvati), himself, took birth amongst us, as a pure ascetic, with the exalted status of Suka Bramha Rishi and stands as an Exemplary Holy Person in following the exclusive rules in maintaining Dharma and the strict codes prescribed for ascetics.

It was one morning at the Sri Matam at Kanchipuram – about 25 years back. The devotees were not too many on that day. A Sumangali (a married lady) who looked like Goddess herself, came there. She went to Sri Periyava and prostrated before him. As she got up, she had tears streaming down her eyes.

The lady had some problem/worry. With the firm faith that solutions would be available for all problems and difficulties with the ‘Walking God’, she had come to see Sri Periyava.

Her eyes pleaded ‘Let the graceful look fall on me’. Her lips quivered ‘Will not the Mahaan listen to me and bless me with a solution?’ Sri Periyava who is very compassionate, was aware of her problem without her even having to speak, but acted as if He wished to hear what she had to say.

But, He also had to follow the code that an ascetic should never speak to a lady alone.

The lady continued to stand in the queue right in the front, with tears streaming. The situation was such that only if she moved could the others approach Sri Periyava (for darshan).

Mahaan did not allow this situation to prolong. With a click of his fingers, he called one of the persons who served him (an aide).

“Find out if there is someone here who has a hearing disability” said Sri Periyava. The aide went around looking and found one such person.

“Do this. When this person comes with the lady, clap your hands and call out his name.

Depending on whether he responds to you, we will be able to ascertain if he has hearing impairment.”

Many devotees have observed that under difficult circumstances, such actions of Sri Periyava encompassed various reasons.

There was a reason why Sri Periyava adopted this tactic. Since the lady wished to convey her problems to Sri Periyava without others coming to know of it, having a hearing impaired person there will alone help her do it without discomfort. Further, if at all she had a doubt as to whether the aide had asked an ordinary person with good hearing to stand there, that doubt too would be cleared!

With a hearing impaired person standing by, Sri Periyava patiently listened to all the problems that the lady poured out. He then gave her prasadam and sent her away. Her eyes were still filled with tears. But, these were tears of joy, since she had unburdened herself in front of Lord Mahadeva himself and was free of all sorrow.

Once the lady left, Sri Periyava signaled to the hearing impaired person that he could also leave.

While the strict code to be followed by an ascetic was adhered to, a Sumangali was also blessed.

Dharma Raja

It was about six o’clock one evening. Sri Periyava was giving darshan (to devotees) at the Kanchi Sri Matam. There were four or five devotees and Sri Periyava was sitting there peacefully. Amongst them was a Paatti (an elderly lady).She was above sixty years of age, had removed her hair and was wearing a white saree (as was the practice followed by widowed women).

While the Compassionate God was talking to the devotees, it was obvious that this lady was eager to tell something to Sri Periyava.

The Paatti had been in the Sri Matam itself since a long time.

“I have a request to Sri Periyava” she said.

“Do you also have a problem?” asked Sri Periyava. This question motivated her to express her request.

“It’s nothing. I understand that the government is giving elderly people a pension of twenty rupees. Those who have no one to support them are getting this.” said Paatti.

“Okay, so what?” said Sri Periyava.

“But….” hesitated the elderly lady.

“If the Sri Matam recommends that I too should get the pension, I will also get that amount isn’t it?” she finished.

“Yes, you will get it. But what do you lack here? You get your meals…. You get sarees…. You have a place to stay…. Then why do you require the amount?” asked Sri Periyava. Paatti had not expected this question.

“It is available for free (without any effort)! Thought I will take it” she dragged in a low voice.

“Look! Even I do not have any support. I live in one corner of this Matam. Shall both of us apply for the pension?” smiled Sri Periyava mischievously.

Paatti lowered her head hearing this.

“We get food for our survival. We have a place to shelter us from rain and shine and also clothes to cover ourselves. The government has brought forth this pension scheme to cater to the really poor, who struggle to obtain these (food, clothing and shelter). If I help you to get this (pension), an old, orphaned, truly deserving elderly person will lose the opportunity to get it, isn’t it?” asked Sri Periyava who is Righteousness Personified.

A very small amount given by the government. The elderly lady will surely get it if the Sri Matam recommends her name. The government will not face any loss since the amount is very small. Even then, utilizing any help from the government in the wrong way is a great sin. The manner in which Sri Maha Periyava explained this concept convinced the Paatti too.

‘What great thinking!’ praises a devotee, Raju, who was present there.

Loka Mata (Universal Mother)

Sri Periyava had camped in a forest area, a place with no facilities at all. Even the basic requirements were not available to the people who stayed with Sri Periyava and constantly served Him. They happily had whatever food was available. Sometimes there would be no rice for the next meal. Food would be available only if  a devotee brought something.

It was about 3 O’clock one afternoon. Some Vaidheekas (scholars who are well versed in religious texts and procedures) belonging to Andhra area came for darshan of Sri Periyava. They followed the laid down rules strictly and would eat only what they personally cooked.

The fact that these Vaidheekas came all of a sudden, made the people at Sri Periyava’s service worried. Since there were no facilities in the camp, they were not in a position to give vessels etc. to the Vaidheekas to enable them cook food. They were worried  whether Sri Maha Periyava would order them to make arrangements, for the Vaidheekas to prepare food .

The Vaidheekas were very happy that they could get exclusive time with Maha Periyava, God Incarnate! As time passed, the people at the service of Maha Periyava were getting more anxious. They were worried as to what is to be done if Sri Periyava ordered them to provide rice, salt stove etc. (to the Vaidheekas).

Sri Periyava, without any concern whatsoever, was conversing in Telugu with the scholars. Once the conversation was over, Sri Periyava informed Sri Balu, one of his close aides, “Balu, today is Samba Shasti” (an important day, associated with Lord Subramanya). Sri Balu could not understand what Sri Periyava meant, why He should be saying this in the afternoon when it was time for His Biksha (time for His meal).

“I am fasting. Only milk would be sufficient. Whatever has been prepared for my Biksha is to be given to them as Prasadam” said Sri Periyava who is the Epitome of Compassion!

The Vaidheekas who returned after their Anushtanam (Sandhyavandanam) were very happy to receive as prasadam the items prepared for Sri Periyava’s Biksha.

Did Sri Periyava, who would have foreseen that the scholars would come, not inform about His fast so that food could be prepared? Or, was it for the scholars’sake that He fasted, thereby easing the delicate situation the people at His service faced? Was this done to provide food to the scholars thereby showing that He is Loka Mata herself? Only Lord Parameswara knows the truth!

With  such an Ocean of Compassion  ever ready to bless us, let us celebrate Him with complete devotion and obtain all goodness, prosperity and auspiciousness in our lives.

  • Grace will continue to flow


You remove the hunger of those who sing your praise, You remove the disease of those who spread your light – Sundara Murthy Swamigal Devaram







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