Why is that Lady standing in the back?

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The Sanskrit Scholar Late Pakshi Theertha Ramachandra Iyer’s widow lived in Satara Road with her son. Her son also worked in Cooper Factory. This Paati (Old Woman/Grandmother in Tamil) did not have any money and was completely dependent on her son and daughter-in- law. She wanted to have a darshan of Swamigal but did not have any money to purchase fruits for Him.

Dejected, she came to our home and requested if she could pluck some Seetha Pazhams Custard Apple for Him from our garden. We readily agreed and I even told her that I will take her to Him at the Satara Mutt.

When we reached the Mutt, His Kaingaryams told the Paati, “Why have you brought Seetha Pazhams? They are considered to be ‘Nisheetham’ and He will not consume them”.

The Paati was dejected on hearing this and went back and stood near the wall.

Swamigal looked at everyone there. He was observing silence that day. He said in sign language looking at the Paati,

“Why is that Lady standing in the back? As her to come to the front!”

She came to the front slowly but hid the Seetha Pazhams behind her.

The Sarveshwaran looked at her and said, “You have brought something for me. What do you have behind your back?!”

The Paati was embarrassed and said, “Nothing!”

He again said, “No, you have brought something for me, what is it!”

Reluctantly She kept the Seetha Pazhams before Him.

Our Lord Parameshwara, the compassionate Mother, do you know what He did? He took the fruit in His hands and closed His eyes in meditation!

The Paati was esctatic! Sarveshwara.

Narrated by the blessed Cooper Sundaram Mami.

“Why is that lady standing in the back? As her to come to the front!”

Shankara. Goosebumps.

What a Blessed Patti. How much Punyams she must have done for this kind of Anugraham from Swamigal!

And what a Beautiful picture this is.

A blessed Friday to Everyone!


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  1. Mahaperiyava is Karunasagaran. Sarveswaran will never wound the feelings of others but heals the wounded feelings also. This is yet another incident.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

  2. The person you have referred is Pakshiteertham Sri Ramachandra Deekshithar. They are agnihotri lineage. He was a very great sanskrit scholar, conferred title Sastra Ratnakara by Maha Periava. He was principAl of sanskrit college, later with Banares Hindu University Rgds

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