Sani Pradosham Special-Laksha Rudraksha Lingam & Periyava


Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara –  Pradosham is on Sunday in Bharatha Desam and tomorrow in US (Saturday). I’m very happy to capture and post a rare video of Laksha (Million) Rudraksha Lingam. This Laksha Rudraksha Lingam, inaugurated by our Periyava’s, is located in Kanchi Maha Swami Vidhya Mandir School in East Tambaram, Chennai. We also get to see Smt MS Subbulaksmi Amma’s Potrait Gallery, a great blessed devotee of Periyava. If for any reason you cannot go to the temple, watch this video that contains both Bhagawan, his great Adiyar (Smt. MS Amma) and chant ‘Siva’ Nama. As we are all aware, the power of ‘Siva’ Nama has been explained in great depth by Periyava in Deivathin Kural. Happy Sani Pradosham! Ram Ram


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  1. I actually liked the video.

  2. The photograph of Shivalingam installed by Gurudevar is bringing tears in my eyes.Thanks in millions.I have stored it as my wall paper.Lots of Love.Muraliji

  3. can you please let us know the respective contact person details to do a program on this … thank you : sangeetha, : 99628 87509

  4. Sivoham…Sivoham…Sivoham… Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  5. It is because, Pradosham has to be done on a Thrayodashi day. In the US, Thrayodhashi already starts on Saturday, before sun set. So Pradosham has to be observed on Saturday.
    On Sunday, (in the US), at the time of Prodosham (around sun set time), Thryodashi may not remain.

    • Our blog has 80% readers from India and rest from the other parts of the world. Obviously our date alignment would definitely confuse them! For this blog perspective, we all are in India virtually!

  6. US is about 10.30 h behind Indian time. Why we are celebrating Pradosham on Saturday in the US when it is on Sunday in India?

    • Ram Ram Sir,

      It is not only Pradosham. Every Thithi like Ekadasi, Pournami, etc always (almost) come ahead in US. I guess the time/calendar system we follow is not the same as Panchangams. You may want to check the details why it so with a Vadhiyar. Ram Ram.

  7. Where is the location of Laksha Lingams– heard it is somewhere near Kolar.Can anyone let me know so that wish to visit this place and see the Lord in his Lingas.

  8. Sai –

    this blog has the majority of Indian readers and some US base. So following mypanchang won’t work 🙂 Please follow Indian panchangam when it comes to blog….



    • Ram Ram Shri. Mahesh – I’m not sure if you have used mypanchag but it is pretty accurate even when compared to Sri Madam panchagam. I started using it after checking it many times. I’m talking here only in terms of Thithi’s; Ekasdasi, Trayaodasi (Pradosham), Sasthti, Amavasya, Pournami, etc. You have the option of choosing the Country, State, City, etc. which gives you the Panchagam for the location you are selecting. Again as I mentioned, I’m only looking at Thithi’s (the purpose of these posts) and not beyond that. The slip was on my part and has nothing to do with mypachang. Per mypanchang Trayodasi in on Sunday in Bharatha Desam in alignment with the local panchangam and calendars. Ram Ram

  9. Dear Sir,


    Pradosham is tomorrow only in India also please (Reference:

    Thanks and Pranams


  10. It is NOT pradosham today

  11. Great tribute to Maha Periyava and His ardent devotee MS Amma! Great Dharshan of Sri Laksha Rudraksha Lingam! Om Nama Shivaaya! Om Sri Kaamaakshyai Namaha! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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