HH Sri Bilaspur Swamigal’s discourse on Mahaperiyava

Ran into this video – this is dated back few years. It comes from Swamigal’s heart and for me, a discourse like this is more appealing as it is like casual talking and yet conveying the strong message of Periyava bakthi.

Don’t miss!

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  1. I am very happy to read this.we will follolw it with ditermination

  2. Very nice. Where does this Swamiji reside?

    • Sir ,
      log on to;
      w.b.k.meditation songs
      www,b.k.shivani Bhen’s talks on yoga
      3,www,home veda.com
      4.Visaka Hari’s lecture
      Ganesh Kumaresh’s Violin duet
      Dr.Subramanya Swami’s Experience with Maha Periyava
      Aruna Sai Ram’s Maadu Meikum Kanna Songs
      Share this message with your friends.
      Please tell your experience to my above phone
      20th July 2015

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