Experience With Maha Periyava By : Sri Sampath Iyengar – Part II

The concluding part of the experiences of Sri Sampath Iyengar is here…I listened to the first part recently. It is an amazing interview – Sri Sampath is such a blessed person. He has demonstrated his strict adherence to  vaishna sampradaya that attracted Periyava and the journey started for Sri Sampath. It is amazing to hear how much Sri Sampath knows about very intricate details and how he impressed upon Periyava.

This video is the concluding part. I have not personally listened to it yet. Will do in the next day or two….

Video Courtesy: http://www.mahaperiyavapuranam.org

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  1. ஹரியும் சிவனும் ஒன்று என்பதை பெரியவா பல சந்தர்ப்பங்களில் சொல்லியிருக்கிறார். நாம் அக்ஞானிகள் ஆகையால் நமக்குத்தான் பேதம் எல்லாம்! அவரவர் தர்மத்திலிருந்து வழுவாதிருக்கவும் பெரியவா வலியுறுத்தியுள்ளார். சங்கரா சரணம்.

  2. “Apram enna sir..engalukum konjam recommend pannungo”. Hahaha what timing !! On a serious note, no better proof to the saying ” hariyum easwaranum onnu”.

  3. Hara hara Sankara Jaya jaya Sankara Kanchi Sankara Kamashi Sankara Kamakodi Sankara Maha periyavaa Thiruvadigale Charanam

  4. I am glad that you have dedicated your resources to this noble cause. I am surprised, however, on subscribing to your web-site, I am receiving a lot of unsolicited vendor-mails. Can you kindly monitor that? Dr. Subramanian


    • That doesn’t look right. From what I know wordpress.com takes privacy very seriously and do not share the information to anywhere. For that matter, I am also one of the subscribers in my own blog. I am not getting any unsolicited mails. Also note that email provides like gmail, yahoo provides very robust spam control – particularly google. That could be one of the reasons.

      I just visited omsathyam.org and it looks like a self-hosted site. Please check with your system administrator for omsatyam.org to find out more about the kind of spam control they use etc and tighten the security.

      Hope this helps.


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