Sri So.So.Meenakshi Sundaram’s upanyasam

I know very little about this great man Sri So.So.Meenakshi Sundaram, Retd-IAS, who is an exponent of Thiruvasagam and Tamil literature. There are so many youtube lectures. I listened to Avudayar Kovil lecture – oh my god! What an amazing lecture! I really regret not listening to this before I went to Avudayar Kovil recently. I heard that he is 70+ now. Tamilnadu has so many of these gems! Let that Parameswaran bless him with all health and a peaceful life.

Here is one lecture on Kanchi Kamakshi Amman where he talks about Kanchi Mahaswami all over this upanyasam…He enjoys every word he says about Mahaswami. Don’t miss!

Karthi – Please write more about this great man so that all readers can know him better.

Disclaimer: I am addicted to his lectures…I wish I had known him before.

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  1. Please leave me So So Meenakshisundaram Ayya contact details, please
    Thanking you

  2. The video is no longer available, can you please share the link

  3. Can you please give his contact number and email.I want his books sir, He is the person who taught about Lord SHIVA and who creates more interest in the Thevaram thirumurai thiruvasagam and thirumanthiram. Daily I hear his speech which makes to think of God and Mahangal and siddhargal.

  4. Kindly the provide link.

  5. Yes very excellent speech in simple in our native language. I feel i should always listen his speech.
    I want to get all his speech , How to reach him.

  6. Can any one give Cho Cho Sundaram ayya contact number or email that will be very helpful to me.

    • I had his number earlier…I will try to search and give….

      From: Sage of Kanchi Reply-To: Date: Monday, January 9, 2017 at 4:36 AM To: Subject: [Sage of Kanchi] Comment: “Sri So.So.Meenakshi Sundaram’s upanyasam”

  7. Can any one Cho Cho Sundaram ayya contact number or email

  8. Sri so so me sir belongs to Madurai and he is not an IAS he was a commerce professor and got the porkizhi award during 1970s a staunch devotee of Madurai Meenakshi and in 1970s I went for commerce tuition to him for nearly 2years in Madurai. A very amicable simple sincere versatile Man he was to everybody and a learned Tamil scholar and meant for his pleasing personality and pious nature and his patience in teaching was amazing and I am also an ardent follower of his lectures and upanyasams through you tube and his way of narration is simply superb and gives peace of mind and solace and makes you hungry and thirsty to hear more and more of periya puranam, thiruvasagam, thevaram, thirumandhiram, pattinathaar, thirukural. Kamba ramayanam, and about kannadasan too who was his close friend! I got.the privilege of hearing all above his recitations and lectures worth precious and comforts anybody to a bliss of ecstasy and what not friends!? May him live long long years and give us the nectar of Tamil literature.

  9. Mahesh, This Video is taken off by youtube. Is there another link to watch or buy this from ?

  10. Really a great feeling I got when I listen to his discourse. Any number of times not at all boring. Every time I felt as if listening fresh. Really it is a GOD’s gift to all of us to have the opportunity of listining his speech. If any one has link for all his speech collection please post it

  11. I’ve been listening to So So Me Ayya’s lectures for a while now……what a priceless speech!!!!……..i cannot stop listening to him…….Whenever I turn on youtube, I only check out his lectures…..they are sooooo mesmerising……beyond words!!!!…………May God bless him with long life and more speeches to inspire us!!!


  13. his lectures are superb.

    • Cho Cho Ayya is an ardent follower of Lord Shiva. His speech I heard a lot. Especially Sivapuranam, periya puranam, speech Abt all 63 nayanmars, kantha puranam, Thurukkural. It’s mesmerising to hear his lovely voice. Always wanted to listen and hear his speech. It’s a very happy mood and also while hearing his speech your mind and body keep travelling along with his speech. Many a times I cried…such a deep attachment and bakthi… I do hope his relentless bakthi speech continue by the grace of Yaega Iraivan Shiva peruman.

  14. I have been listening to Sri Meenakshi sundaram ayyas lectures in You tube for more than 1 year and i have listened to most of his scintillating lectures. In my own way i a ardent fan of Sri Ayya and have been spreading his lectures to my friends His lectures has acted as a catalyst for me and revived my love for Tamil. I got by heart some few songs of Saiva Thirumurai ONLY because of this great personality. Now i have got by heart some around 200 tamil( small) songs and i have included them in my daily prayers. Ayyas lecture on Thirupugazh is an eye opener. His devotion to Madurai Meenakshi , Mahavishnu , Murugan, Easwaran is beyond compare. His other lectures on sacred works like Thirupugazh and temples in Tamil Nadu are simply superb.
    I am Happy that he will reach more like minded devotees through this web page which is itself doing Yeoman service to Periyava devotees, spread far & wide in this Mother earth.

  15. What a dynamic Upanyasam. Excellent.. Spell bond

  16. Really Ganga flow of devotion to Kamakshi and Periava
    Thanks for the post!
    Never heard him before

  17. oh god!! got carried away to deva lokam itself what a mesmerizing not only audio talk I felt it was a video too my humble pranams at the feet of such divine speakers may SO.SO MEENAKSHI SUNDARAM ayya’s upanyasams continue for long to lift our souls always Avery big THANKS to you Mahesh ji

  18. Boundless thanks for sharing this link. I only attribute it for MAHA PERIAVA ANUGRAHAM.


  20. Heart touching lecture.

  21. Superb! Thanks for sharing this link.

  22. Namaste Sri.Mahesh,

    Thanks a lot . After listening to this upanyasam, i felt like i have spent the most valuable 1.37 hours of my life , so far.

    Thanks again. will check YouTube for his other upanyasams and get more such blessings.

  23. Very nice discourse by Sri So.So.Meenakshi Sundaram. Felt as if he talks to us personally.

  24. Dear Mahesh

    Many hundred thanks to you for posting this.
    May Sri Bhagavan continue to pour His blessings
    In Him

  25. Thanks for sharing this link. What bhakthi and enjoyed this lecture completely.

  26. Everyone should hear SO..SO..MEE aiyaa’s Thiruvaasagam commentary. We can feel Periyava in his devotional explanation

  27. I remember his lectures during my college days. We affectionately call him sosome i think he is not an ias .professor something like that.

  28. Sri.Meenakshi sundaram’s younger brother was IAS. He is a lecturer probably. Amazing person really.

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