Lord Rama pattabisheka photo given by Periyava

Thanks to Smt Sunitha Madhavan for sharing this.

This  special picture was given by Mahaperiva to her mother. The history behind it is given by Shri Ganesa Sharma in Alagila Vilaiyattudaiyan,Kamakoti magazine,March 2010. Subsequently all episodes were published by Giri Traders in book form in  2014.
Mahaperiyava Adigale charanam.

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  1. Very divine… Can any one pls share the photo without glare to me pls… mail id bharath145 at gmail.com

  2. what is the background? can you give english summary

  3. This is the picture of “Pattabhishekam” as illustrated by Kamba Ramayanam. “Atiyanai Hanuman Thanga….”

  4. Many Thanks to Mrs. Sunitha Madhavan and Sri Mahesh for sharing this Picture. We are really fortunate

  5. Thanks a lot. Divinity Personified! Lord Rama Pattabhishegam Photo given by Maha Periyava gives inesteemable value! Great Blessings to all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Sri Rama Jayam!

  6. Enna baghyam Perivakitterndhu Ramar Pattabhishekam photo led a in karat hunky!
    It’s all the more baghyam for us to get the glimpse on this photo only because of Mrs Sunitha Madhavan consented to share among the devotees of Periva.For this she deserves the maha punyam in this jenma.Trillions of thanks to Chi Mahesh for his tre mendous work.

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  8. Beautiful! Never seen like this before! 🙂 Divine..!

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