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  1. My nephew Ganesh and his wife Sujata from Bangalore came to Pune to greet us on the occasion of my Sadabhishekam. He gave us a present which we will remember the whole year…every day of the year, every year. He had collected 356 Divine Thoughts..got them printed in the original form…
    got it neatly bound….and presented to us …for us to read one a day. ..every day.
    The collection is kept reverentially as a Pooja item in our drawing hall , for everyone to see and read.
    Sri Swaminathan , the popular exponent of Deivathin Kural , who visited Pune on HH Sri.Periyava Jayanthi day , recently,,,for a lecture.. visited our place and saw the wonderful book, and was wonderstruck. on seeing the collection…commented in appreciation…” How much effort your nephew would have put to collect, print, get it bound and bring it all the way… it shows how much he values the ‘Deivathin Kural’ and how much they reagrd you both too.–
    Vedanarayanan & Kamala.

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