A Video Tribute To Sri Sivan Sar On His Aradhana Day…

March 7th – What is the significance of this date? It is on this day, Sri Sivan Sar left His mortal coil in the year 1996… In 91 years of HIS life journey, not many people were blessed to know HIM… not many people were blessed to be with HIM… Being Sri Maha Periyava’s Purvaashrama brother, having lived around the vicinity of Sri Maha Periyava for many years, there was absolutely no self proclamation from Sri Sar… How did we miss HIM? Or did we really miss HIM?

Fortunately not!!! Today, 110 years later, we are so blessed to know HIM more, hear about HIM more… read about HIM more! Beyond everything, though HE left is mortal coil, HE continues to live with us through HIS INFINITE WISDOM – Yenipadigalil Mandhargal (YPM)… One who partakes of this relationship with Sri Sar is on the way to wisdom!

Thinking of Sri Sar, Talking about Sri Sar, Being in Satsangam of Sri Sar will make us part of Sri Sar !!!  On this special day, let us surrender ourselves to the Holy Feet of Sri Sivan Sar … Let us pray to HIM to be with us, to bless us, to guide us, to take us in the path of wisdom!

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  1. Mahesh sir,
    I attended the function around 4.30 pm.Was able to do abhishekam to Sivan Sir idol. This is for the 5 th time I am attending the function of Sivan Sir due to his blessing and I can undoubtedly say that attendance is swelling gradually and that too he was known to a limited few when he was physically present. Only a Real Mahan can do that.
    Pranams to Sivaraman Sir for making meticulous arrangement of the function.

  2. thanks mahesh for the info on blog about Sivan Sars aradhna.
    by His grace was able to attend after 6 pm (at least!).
    also had the opportunity to meet Sanupuththiran.
    your blog is doing so many wonderful things to people.
    periyava saranam.
    god bless.


  3. I was blessed to be in SIVAN SIR’s Aradhana today in T.Nagar. Very well organized. Thanks a lot to Sri Sivaraman Sir and others who organized the event so nicely. Blissful day. Praying to Sri SIR, MAHAPERIYAVA and all the GURUs. HARA HARA SANKARA JAYA JAYA SANKARA

  4. Superb. Thanks a lot for compiling this video

  5. Sivan Sar ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Om Nama Shivaaya! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. Amazing compilation. I never had the opportunity of meeting Sri SAR. Luckily, now I know about Him more through the works Sri. Sivaraman and your website.

    Excellent. Please continue your good work.

  7. we were fortunate to have darshan of sivan sar for some time and also as has been our ill luck on that fateful day also. we dont miss sivansar aradhana done so devotedly by his devout devotee sivaraman every year and due to my age i could not attend. and to day not a minute has passed in the evening without thinking of Him as my grand son who is a regular visitor for the aradhana is not well and we are praying for his recovery soon. yes, more than us, he misses the aradana and this video is a real solace. i thought i would be able to see the live programme as usual but not lucky today. i know He is with us as is Periava with us always.

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