Vasantha Panchami – January 24, 2015

Adi Shankara Chandramouleeswara Puja

For all sanathana dharma and Adi Acharya devotees, tomorrow is a very important day. On this auspicious day, Adi Acharya received spatika lingams from Lord Shiva from Kailash and established five sankara matams in India.

Adi Sankara’s yatra to Kailasa, the abode of Lord Siva, is one of the most notable events in the history of the Acharya. During the course of his peregrination in the Himalayan region, Sankaracharya desired to have darshan of Sri Paramesvara having his abode in Kailas. Sankara managed to reach Kailas quickly because of His yogic power. He had darshan of Lord Paramesvara and Devi Parvati. According to tradition, Sankara adored Paramesvara by singing two hymns, known as “Sivapadadi-kesanta stotram” and “Sivakesadi-padanta stotram”. Immensely pleased with Sankara’s prayers, Paramesvara blessed Sankara, presented him with five sphatika (crystal) lingas and instructed him to arrange for the worship of the lingas for the sake of the welfare of the universe, indicating also the mode of worship. Paramesvara also handed over to Sankara the palm-leaf manuscript of Soundarya Lahari, which is noted as Siva’s own hymn in praise of the Parasakti. From available biographical information, it is learnt that Sankaracharya placed one of the five sphatika lingas got at Kailas and kept the Yoga Linga for his own personal worship and that of his successors at Kanchi. (Source::

It is also believed that Lord Nandhikeswara ate the manuscripts of last 51 slokas of Soundarya Lahari that was composed on Parvathi  by Lord Parameswara Himself. Sri Sankaracharya returned with the first 49 stanzas and the Lingams. Acharya was sad that he lost half of Soundaryalahiri. In his prayers, Uma Devi blessed Him to write the remainder of the slokas to complete it Himself! The sphatika Lingams are Eswara Swaroopams and Soundaryalahiri is Devi Swaroopam. There is another version of the story around Soundarya Lahari where ambal gave pratyaksha darshanam to acharyal when He was in meditation that prompted Him to write the beauty of ambal as Soundarya Lahari.

The five lingams Acharya obtained  are Mukti Lingam, Vara Lingam, Moksha Lingam, Bhoga Lingam and Yoga Lingam. The Mukti Lingam was consecrated at Badhrinath in Uttarakhand. The Vara Lingam was consecrated at Neelakantha Dakshinamurthi_Adi_Sankara_PeriyavaKshetram in Nepal. The Moksha Lingam was consecrated at Chadambaram in Tamil Nadu. The Bhoga Lingam was consecrated at Kudali in Karnataka & The Yoga Lingam was consecrated at Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

Mahaperiyava established a practice to celebrate this day in a grand manner in our Sri Matam and started distributed laddus on this day as prasadam to all devotees. Even during Mahaperiyava’s padha yatra days, this was done in all the places He stayed during yatra. Even today, this tradition continues in Sri Matam.

Given the fact that tomorrow is a weekend, devotees in and around Chennai, please plan to go to Sri Matam attend Lord Chandramouleeswarar puja to get the blessings. Others should spend time to pray Adi Acharya and bless us with gnanam. Nothing can please Mahaperiyava than worshipping Adi Acharya.

Don’t forget to chant Thotakashtakam & Adi Shankara Ashotram tomorrow.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


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  1. Isnt the Bhoga Lingam at Sringeri? That is what Sri Anantanandagiri’s biography and the Markendaya Samhita says. Not that it matters. The Lord’s Grace is all pervasive, but just wanted to clarify or clear my doubt.

  2. Thanks so much for the timely information. Be blessed by Periyava!

  3. adhi sankara established 5 peetams. did he not consecrate each peetam a lingam?. if he placed each peetam a lingam then howcome the moksha lingam in chidambaram?
    can someone clarify this doubt of mine.

    • The establishment of Kanchi Matha and the five spatika lingas are from Siva Rahasya, Markandeya Samhita and Anantanandagiri Sankara Vijaya. Though all Sankara Mathas have a spatika lingam, they are not originally from Sri Adi Sankara. The spatika linga at Kanchi is called Yoga Linga. There are references in poems by Harshavardhana /(the famous king) about this yoga lingam in Kanchi.

  4. Much Blessed by this timely writeup and reminder. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe Charanam!

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  6. I’m very happy and blessed

    Kindly share these to my mail

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