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An 18 year old teenager Sri Janakiraman from Nallamagudi village, have had darshan of Periyava in 1930. He has visited Kumbakonam Mutt to have darshan of Periyava. It was 1935, he was standing with folded hands, while hearing Periyava’s upanyasam. Suddenly Periyava interacted with him… After which Sri Mama has begun to come to Periyava very often & has become one of the earliest long term devotees taking up many projects. Periyava’s Shashiapthapoorthi Trust for developing Veda Bhasya Pundits, works on Kalavai Aradhana are some of them. Interaction was short & simple but has tremendous impact…

Periyava was delivering an Upanyasam & Sri Janakiraman Mama was standing by his side with folded hands…

Suddenly Periyava turned to his side, “ஏன் கையை கட்டிண்டு நிக்கிறே? விசிறிய எடுத்து விசுறு…” (“why are you standing with hands folded?? Take that hand-fan and fan”) Aha! Amused by Periyava’s direct instruction, Sri Mama has taken up the pleasant task of ‘kaingaryam to Parameswaran’.

After sometime, Karunyamurthy has asked,”கை வலிக்கிறதா?” (“does your hand hurt?”)

Sri Mama negated & continued. After some time,  “போதும். க்ஷேமமா இரு!” (“Enough. you will have my blessings!”)

Sri Mama has left the mutt for the day. Periyava is ‘pancha bootham’ including air, said Sri Ramadurai Mama. Does he sweat? It’s a small incident to give some blessings. After this Sri Mama has begun to come to Periyava very often…

Periyava has created Shashtiapthapoorthi Trust. When everyone wished to have  Shashtiapthapoorthi for Periyava, Periyava has asked them to create a Trust for developing vidwans in Veda Bhashyam, as there are very few for all vedas.

Periyava turned to mama, “நீ ஒரு Trustee!” (“you’re a trustee”)

Mama was anxious knowing his capacity, “என்னால முடியாதே…” (“I am afraid I can’t do it…”)

“முடியும்!” (“Yes, you can!”) Periyava in an ascertained tone.

Are things happening in our capacity? Mama took it up. It’s about collecting donations from every agraharam in every village, in order for them to get the benefits. So he personally drove the car to many villages. 50 members were working on it.

Periyava one day asked, “எவ்வளவு இருக்கு?” (“How much you have?”)

Sri Mama told the status.

“இன்னும் வசூலாகனும்…போ!” (“you may go…you need to collect more..!”) Periyava ordered.

Again Sri Mama drove to many villages. It has come to a shape, importantly, as told by Periyava. Now, it has a good base.

Another day, Periyava, “கலவை-ல… ஆராதனை பண்ணறியா?” (“Do you want to do aradhana in Kalavai?”)

Again Mama with his usual humbleness, “என்னால முடியாதே…” (“I am afraid I can’t.”)

Again Periyava, “முடியும்!” (“You can!”) with an ascertained tone. It did happen ..

Likewise Sri Mama has served the mutt & Periyava in various ways. One day during the last few years, Periyava was so called “immobile”. Sri Mama has requested for Padugai. Periyava put on a new ‘Padugai’ walked few steps & given the precious ‘Padugai’ to Sri Mama…

“Whatever you ask you’ll get it immediately!” is the concluding remark by Nallamangudi Sri Janakiraman Mama.

What an experience! Whether good or otherwise, their love for Periyava is unshaken. What a faith!

Prayers to Bhakthas like Sri Mama to give us a fraction of their bhakthi.

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  1. I want to be a humble devotee

  2. Its a solace to read perivas miracles.

  3. i looking forward to the details of sashtiyapthapoorthi trust. Kindly help me getting the contact details.Mahaperiyava charanam

  4. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    Thanks a ton for this blog and wonderful posts ! I have never met mahaperiyava in person. But have heard his mahimais from my patti and other elders. These experiences of many devotees n periyava’s words make me feel so close to periyava. May Mahaperiyava bless you and your family and all his devotees abundantly !

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Pranams… Blessed in reading everyday morning as a first work, before starting the day…

    On behalf of millions of devotees, humble prayer to continue to keep running this Blog..

    Namaskars Mahesh

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

  6. thanks for your post. i would like to have the details like address, ph.nos, contact person etc of this Periyava’s sashtiyapthapoorthi trust (to contact them for contributions)

  7. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  8. Dear Sri Maheshji,
    As a normal human being, everyday is filled with problems big and small for me.
    But my life runs on only Sri Krishna’s geetha ‘karmanyev adhikarasthe’.. But some days I doubt if I am capable of doing anything when odds are pitted against me. Such times, when I visit this site I see Periyavaa speaking through your post titles and the photos. The apt titles and photos of your posts just inspires me to feel like periyavaa is actually speaking to me and commanding me to do something and blessing me.
    Not only my loukeega life, I drive inspiration from Mahaswamy’s spiritual life too. See the at most selflessness of a true sanyasi. In today’s world of self serving and self praising, egoistic pseudo sanyaasis, he shines as the true light for true sanyaasis. Even his sashtiabdhpoorthy celebration, he plans only for helping vedic scholars and forms a trust for helping them even after his time in his sthoola sareerea. Every aspect of his life he has stood for Veda and Gho samrakshana.
    Praying to Sri Mahaswamy for his grace to guide us all to be selfless and serve Vedas.

    Thanks and regards,
    P. Vijay

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