Experiences of Veena Gayathri & Thiruvilayadal with Brahmasri mama

I got this month’s newsletter as well…Never heard about Veena Gayathri’s incident before…What an amazing incident… Also the thiruvilayadal with Brahamsri vedapuri mama is quite scary and funny too!!! Brahmasri mama’s bakthi is like mother-child relationship – this incident is a great proof for that!

Namaskarams to Periyava….


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  1. Great Bakthi!!! Thanks for sharing this nice experiences!!! Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Charanam!!!

  2. Simply superb HE is GREAT namaskaram to MAHA PERIAVA

  3. i would say that what an ignorant persons we are including vedapuri mama. that bhogi (pallakku thooki)knows about periava so much but everyone claims as if they know periava. of course the greatness of periava is that everyone feels that he is close to periava and every one feels he knows periava very well. periava knows all and everyone – inlcuding those who are now talking great of periava to whom i appeal please contribute to our mutt.

  4. Veena Gayatri is very devoted to Mahaperiyava. She has mentioned about her experiences with Mahaperiyava in her blog . For example:

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