Professor Sundararaman reached Periyava


I regret to you inform you all that Professor Sundararaman passed away on July 17, 2014 at his residence in NJ.

As some of you already heard he was undergoing some ailments and treatment for the same.

The book written by him “I lived with God” (English, Tamil) is one of the outstanding books written by a devotee on the experiences with Periyava. If we see any experiences interview, we wonder how blessed that individual is as he talked to Periyava, interacted etc. Sundararaman mama’s entire life was crafted by Periyava. I tried few times to record his experiences in video. It never happened. I know why. There is no way possible way to capture all his experiences in a video. I think reading that book is the best way to experience it….To me, it always seems like his experiences with Periyava were more like how Lord Parameswaran played with Sundaramoorthy Swamigal. Periyava was testing, teasing mama and blessed immensely!

Mama always talked about Periyava in his conversations with devotees – whenever he talks, tears roll on his cheeks – always. Even last week, when one of my friends Shri Prasad was talking to him for a long time.  Mama asked everyone to pray that he reaches Periyava without much suffering. I am sure Periyava took care of his last wish too.

Mama was one of the founders of Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation (KKSF) in USA. Until recently, he has been actively participating in all the events.

Mama was very happy to know that Periyava padhuka mandapam is coming up in NJ. He wanted to see one such mandapam in his lifetime – although it did not happen, the first check for this effort came from him!  He will continue to bless this project also.

We will miss you mama!

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    Professor Sundararaman has written about me in his book ‘I Lived With God’, yes i am the same wretched Ramachandran who enjoyed due to Periyawal’s grace, the hospitality of Professor Sundararaman for 2 years during his tenure at Annamalai University. Being elder to me by about 6 years, he was my elder brother-nay-virtually my father, being ‘Annadata’ for me.
    I am rather late in paying my tribute to him, because I had no words to express my feelings. When emotions overtake there is no place for words. I have recomposed myself and joined the host of his friends and relatives in paying my humble tributes to him. I do not want to say anything except that, literally till his last breath, he was always talking about Periyawal only. Though he has attained ‘SAYUJYA’ with Periyawal he lives in the memory of all of us. Had he lived for a few more years, the society would have been benefited more.
    He had been suggesting that I should write about my experiences with Periyawal, but due to diffidence, I never ventured Now at last, as a tribute to him, I may give my experiences as a sequel to his monumental writing, shortly.

    K.R.Ramachandran, Rerd. Director, Geological Survey of India

  2. Late Mr. Sundararaman is a blessed soul. He got the opportunity to be with Mahaperiyava for a long time. Now he has reached the lotus feet of the Great mahan. to be with Him.

  3. Sundararaman, chettiar, neiveli balam paati, pollachi jayam paati, kanakadhara mama, mettur swamigal, thats quite a few good names ! Never seen MahaPeriyava or went to His sannidhi in kanchi ever but i only know about periyava from all these interviews and book (i lived w god) etc. write-ups. Great seva to the whole world to bring out such interviews. Like He once said – the whole world is my guru, i now am experiencing that just listening to His devotees, He does anugraham instantly.

  4. afteer reading book, decades ago titled “That Doraisamy Iyer’s son£ written by Prof. Sundara raman
    I had a desire to meet Prof. Sundara Raman, in person. We visited USA ..Pennsylvania in 1987.
    A Adhi Rudram was being organised in which Prof. had a big hand. Ved Pandits from India had attended.
    A very big Project. I could not make it. My friend Bandra (Bombay) Swaminatha Iyer attended the event, and met Prof. and talked to him…with ref. to the book. But our desire remains unfulfilled. WE will at least visit next time. the proposed Padhuka Mandapam in New Jersey.. As we believe Maha Periyava lives in the Adhishtanam at Kanchi and Mani Mandapam in Orikkai, we are sure, Maha Periyava will be living in
    that Padhuka Mandapam also, and sure, Prof. will be sitting (reverentially standing) by the side or in front of Sri Maha Periyva…….Vedanarayanan Kamala…Pune.

  5. Dear Mahesh,

    I cannot express my feelings on receipt of this sad news. From the day I read the glimpses of his life with Periava written by Sri Ra.Ganapathy anna in one of his books, to the time I had an opportunity to translate “I lived with God” and posted in kanchiperiva. org website, it has also been a long journey for me with so much spiritual fulfillment, that Prof.Sundararaman has become a part of my self, and my life. I pray to Maha Periava to bless this great soul and take him into His folds. My only regret is I was not lucky enough to meet him in person and share his experiences.


  6. Deeply sad to hear this! I stayed with Mama & Mami few times in the DC area and we would always talk about his experiences and lessons. A divine soul I would always like to associate with. I would often imagine what I would do if I was in his place with Maha Periyava!! I will cherish those moments forever.

  7. May his soul rest in peace at the lotus feet of Maha Periyava…..Such a noble soul….

  8. Great soul. Every body remembers Periyava. But he was one person who was remembered by Periyava. I had the oppurtunity of attending his son’s wedding in Chennai a few years back. We will all miss him. jaya jaya shankara Hara Hara shankara

  9. We pray for his soul to be blessed by Mahaperriyava

  10. I feel extremely sad that Sundararaman Maama has passed away! Where could he have gone? He is with Maha Periyava, Satchithananda Swarupam always! He will always be with us in the form of his book “I Lived with God” Even at Maha Periyava Jayanthi held at Sankara Gurukulam of Brahmasri Thethiyur Subramanya SasthrigaL, Kanchi Periva Forum distributed to Devotees a Tamil translation of the same book by Sri. Charukesi(KadavuLudan Vaazhntha Kaalam” This book will make everyone shed tears at Maha Periyava’s Vaatsalyam to Sri. Sundararaman Maama and vice versa! With my cousin brother and Manni, my wife and I had the good fortune of meeting Sundararaman Maama at his residence twice at Tambaram during his visits to Chennai. It was Bhagavatham to listen to him and his experiences with Maha Periyava and a great boon to do Namaskaaram to this great Mahaan! May Maha Periyava Bless us all! May He give solace to Maami and their children. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  11. Really sorry to hear this news. We met him personally in NJ a few times. Mahaswamigal and our Holy Acharayas are every thing for him. He was instrumental in having monthly Holy Paduka poojas conducted in a periodic manner. I still carry the book that he had written in my laptop bag.

    Really a great devotee and an excellent personality.We really miss you Sir.

    May Periyava give his family enough strength to bear this loss.

  12. During this month Anusham Pooja (July,2014)in Abu Dhabi, Dr.Sundararaman’s book (lived with God-above mentioned book) was distributed to everyone along with Prasadam.
    We will pray to the Mahaperiyava for Dr.Sundararaman’s Athma rest in Mahaperiyava’s feet peacefully.

  13. Great Soul. I had met him and witnessed the Paduka puja at his residence in Washington DC in 1997.
    He talked a lot about Mahaswami and also narrated the incidence of Mahaswami calling him “Rich Man (panakkaaran) ” 3 times at Thenampakkam, while his family was suffering in poverty at that time. He told me that he was feeling very bad (due to ignorance) that Mahaswami was teasing him. He didn’t know that Lord Sarvagna was blessing him with Laksmi kataksham.
    He also talked about Thethiyur Sastrigal and his Sankara Gurukulam in Mylapore.

    I am sure his soul would have reached Mahaswami’s feet.

  14. dear Mahesh, I am sorry to learn the demise of Sri Sankararaman who was most fortunate to receive the personal attentyion of MAHAPERIYAVAA even as a boy. His write up will bring trears in our eyes.HE HAS REACHED THE LOTUS FEET OF MAHASWAMIGAL.knarayanaswamy,tiruchy

    Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:09:02 +0000 To:

    WE ARE INDEBTED TO HIM FOR THE BOOK ” naan Kadavuladan vazhnthen ”

  16. Shri Maheshbhai,

    Sorry about the death, though I didn’t know him, from your  postings I gather he was a great soul, definitely S.P. Periyal, must have taken his soul to HIM. Where can I get the book ? Regards, ashok mehta’s vandan.

  17. Pray Periyava to take care of Prof.Sundararaman in his celestial abode.

    • I read all the episodes in the Tamil version of Professor Sundararaman’s book on your website. I could see that he was around my age, having passed SSLC in 1955, when I also did. Frankly, I was envious of his close relationship with Mahaperiava, since I have had the opportunity to have Mahaperiava’s darshan on only around 30 occasions. I had always regretted that I did not spare more time in my younger years for visits to the Math. In the death of Professor Sundararaman, I feel as though I had lost a close relation or friend, whereas I had not met him even once.

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