Spell-checked Dheivathin Kural’s New Home

aadhi moolam

aadhi moolam

On this auspicious Vaikasi Anusham day, I am extremely glad to let you all know that a new home for the most-corrected version of Deivathin Kural has been found. From now on, anyone can access http://dheivathinkural.wordpress.com to read and enjoy. As of now, volume 1 contents have been uploaded. Rest of the volumes will be loaded here in the next few days. As of now, I am hearing that there are lot many reading groups of this book have started across the globe and they want to read only the spell-checked version of the book. Our hope is that this effort will help them and also encourage others to read and benefit.

Please read this post to know more about how this project started etc. I thank ALL the volunteers who were part of this exercise.

Without His blessings none of these would have been possible. We all pray to Periyava on His jayanthi day to bless us all.




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  1. thanks a lot,sir

  2. Namesthe Mahesh

    could you please provide permanent link to this blogpost to Deivathin Kural? thanks

  3. சிறக்கட்டும் தங்கள் பணி…

    ஐயன் கருணை.

    எவ்வித பதிப்புரிமை பிரச்சனைகளையும், (இருந்தால்) ஐயனும், அண்ணாவும் (ஸ்ரீ ரா கணபதி) பார்த்துக் கொள்வார்கள்.

  4. Great service and an asset to future generations

  5. namasthe om shree mahaswami paadham thunai

    thank you so much for this sharing

  6. Thanks for the good job. In the first volume the title of the sixth chapter is mentioned as ‘ samooga vishangal ‘ instead of ‘ samooga vishayangal ‘. This may be rectified.

  7. No word to express. Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara. periyavaa patham charanam

  8. Thanks a lot for uploading spell check Deivathinkural. Today I read chapters till Anandam Yenge? The same chapter is being repeated under Yethir kondu azhaippan also. Would be more thankful if you could upload the chapter Yethir kondu azhaippan. Let Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiayah bless you in all your endeavours

  9. Good job ……..continue to do…….HE will definitely bless you……

  10. I hope there are no copyright issues in this since the book is a very popular publication

    • Praying Periyava that this good intent should not be hampered by any such issue.Since the same content is freely available in kamakoti site, hopefully this should not be an issue…

  11. Hi Mahesh

    The service you are doing is quite commendable ! Each of us has 24 hrs but most have exuses for keeping busy.

    Is english version available for reading online ?


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