Closing the cow rescue drive


As you all know this is a time-bound drive and I would like to close this drive and stop accepting funds by May 20, 2014 (Tuesday). This will enable me to use the remaining days to transfer the funds to India – coordinate with the folks on the ground for rescue activities etc. Strictly, I will not be in a position to accept any funds beyond this date.

I sincerely thank all who have donated to this cause – no matter how big/small your contribution is. If you intend to contribute, please do so before 20th. For payment details pl look here.

As usual, once all rescues are made, I will share the details as I did few days back.

I am confident that Periyava will leave no cow behind in this mission.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara






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  1. A very considered and correct decision.too many querries from donors .. though it is their right to know the end use and correct use at that.One small request!
    This site of Mahaperiava may kindly be kept to propagate the ideas .make us all listen to His speeches ,devotees ‘personal experiences so meticulously compiled,painstakingly recorded by Shri.Shivaramji promptly uploaded by KMaheshji to make us all hear and listen with tears in our eyes .
    Thanks for all your efforts.

    • Respected Sri Ayyarappaji,
      Mahaswamy has informed that such sodhanai will come and should be faced in public or spiritual life.
      In fact in many of the interviews I have heard devotees telling that Mahaswamy asked them to beg at many houses even though one donor can give all money he asked to beg at all houses..
      Sri Mahaswamy has asked to take all scolding and bad language as flowers for archanai.
      This, according to Mahaswamy is thapas, the fire inside us, the thaapam should be transformed to thavam.
      I sincerely pray for Maheshji and team that they are doing an esteemed form of yoga thapasya as ordained by Mahaswamy, and I pray for all their success.

      Remember a devotee performing anatha pretha samskaram with Mahaswamy blessing takes all scolding with smiles.

      Praying to Mahaswamy’s grace,

      Thanks and regards,
      P. Vijay

  2. AWesome Mahesh anna..! Periyava is with you always!!

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