Experiences Of Salem Sri Ravi Part I

Sri Ravi’s ‘poorva janma punniyam’ that he had Sri Pradhosham mama as his Guru.Here, in the first part, in addition to his experiences with mahaPeriyava, we also learn about the spirit of ‘saranagathi’ and intense ‘bhakthi’ of Pradhosham mama towards Mahaperiyava.

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  1. We are really blessed to have the opportunity of knowing various occasions of Periyava Darshans gained by Shri Ravi Anna thro’ Pradhsham Mama.

    Very very interesting and no doubt, Maha Periyava is prathyaksha Parameshwara Avatharam

    We need to know more and more and Mah Periyava is a great gift for all of us and for our generation

    Eagerly expecting for second part.

  2. Periyava Charanam,

    I am really happy to see this video on Ravi Mama’s experiences with Mahaperiyava and Pradosham Mama. In fact I know Ravi mama personally as well. I also hail from Salem and I had the great opportunity to interact with Ravi Mama during my CA articleship tenure. As you can see in the video once Ravi mama starts to talk about Mahaperiyava one will forget about time and space. Ravi Mama used to share a lot of things with me during my interaction and he used to quote a lot from Deivathin Kural and all those things were the triggers for me to start attending Anusham pooja, Pradosham etc. Waiting for Part II eagerly….



  3. This is a nice juncture to have published Salem Ravi Mama’s interview. I would like to state here that the monthly and annual Anusham Jayanthi Mahotsavam conducted by Ravi Mama at Salem are one of the grandest. Being an ideal shishya of Sri Pradosham Mama, Ravi Mama chooses to celebrate Periyava’s Jayanthi on the Anusha nakshatram that occurs immediately after the one observed at Pradosham Mama’s Gruhalayam (this year Jayanthi at Pradosham Mama’s gruhalayam is on May 15, and the celebrations at Salem by Ravi mama will be on June 12). This year being the 120th Jayanthi Mahotsavam of Mahaperiyava, marking a double-shashtiabdhapurti – by Periyava’s grace, Salem devotees, lead by Ravi Mama, are praying to celebrate in a grand fashion from June 2, 2014 and concluding on June 12, 2014. The Ati Rudra Sahasra Chandi Maha Yagnams are planned to be performed by 180 Agnihotri-s, a rare sight to be witnessed. The invite for the same can be viewed in the below link. Please get in touch with the phone numbers quoted in the same for more information. Requesting devotees to contribute their mite and be recipient of the abundant blessings of Pradosham Periyava.


  4. Really quite interesting to see and know lot of useful information. Jaya Jaya Shankara
    Hara Hara Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  5. only the blessed by MAHA PERIAYAVA can share their experience. no apt word to express about THEIR KARUNAI. STILL BE GUIDED BY OUR MAHA SWAMY.

  6. Needless to add Sivaraman Sir way of bringing out the best from the interviewee is indeed great. Sivaraman Sir knows many many instances about Sri Periyava and various places, temples, devotees names, camps of Sri Periyava, etc. etc.. So for in part i, one familiar question from Sivaraman sir is missing i.e “What do you feel when you say / think / remember Sri Periyava?” I think this will be in Part II.

    One more wish, can someone interview Sivaraman Sir about his experiences with Sri Periyava and Sri Sivan Sir.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  7. May I know Sri Ravi ‘s contact no pl . want to have the please?

  8. innam avaala pathi ellam solla maattaaraa nnu irukku.
    ketinde irukkalaamnu irukku

  9. Great interview. Waiting for Part 2

  10. Sir,What a blessed soul Sri Ravi Sir is by having Pradosham Mama as his Guru and fortunate to witness to many of MahaPeriyava ‘s leelas. One thing is certain. God in the form of MahaPeriyava is watching all our actions. Sashtanga namaskarams to the holy feet of MahaPeriyava and Pradosham Mama and to Rishi Ravi Sir also.

    Periyava Padham Saranam.Sivan Sar Padham Saranam.

  11. Everyone must listen to this interview. Starting with great incidence, what a flow from Salem Ravi, i bet all of you can’t stop viewing in between, i don’t know how 55 minutes had gone, several instances where Salem Ravi describes about Sri Periyava’s grace, divinity, simplicity, one about Sri Periyava giving darshan to Pradosham Mama on pradosham day, when Pradosham mama praying Sri Periyava as Kailasanatha, Paramasiva, Sarveswara and so on and Sri Periyava counting those prayers. And what a collection of Sri Periyava pictures in his house, So many interesting instances, about his CA, bus trip, Egmore to Bangaru amman Thottam, etc. etc.and his Guru Bakthi

    Very eager to watch the part II

    Sri Periyava Saranam

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