Arudhra Abishekam Report from Chidambaram

Thanks to Shri Sivasubramanian, FB for beautiful write-up and photos….


Today had been to Chidambaram for Arudra maha abhishekam & dharshan. Most of the devotees came to the temple early and slept at the mandapam braving the very chill weather to ensure their seat. Abhishekam for Sivakami ambal sameda Sri Natarajar started exactly at 3.30 am at Raja Sabai (1000 pillars mandapam) inside the east rajagopuram with Vigneshwara pooja and went on for more than 2 hours with Sri Rudram chanting by the dheekshitars. Felt blessed to chant Sri Rudram during abhishekam to the lord. The supercharged crowd of over 5000 devotees (numbers kept increasing gradually) chanted ‘Om Namashivaya’, ‘Sambo Mahadeva’ and ‘Hara Hara Mahadeva’. Abishekam was followed by alankaram and prasadam distribution. Later, the lord with his consort was taken from the raja sabhai to the sanctum sanctorum (chit sabhai) in a ritualistic dance (Ananda Thandavam). Excellent arrangements has been made by the authorites for the devotees attending the Arudra abhishekam and pooja..

Blessed are those who all attended this great event in Chidambaram!



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  1. this is not the moolavar at chidamabram. .this nataraja belongs to some other temple. i am 200% sure

  2. Om Namo Sri Parvati Pathaye Namaha, is there any image available of “Chidambareswara Kunchita Padam” which was given to Sri Sri Mahaswamy-Surya

  3. Dear Maheshji, thanks for the beautiful ‘Arudhra Dharshanam’.
    Learned members and Maha Periyavaa’s devotees, please correct me if I am wrong. Is the story of Sri Vishnu remembering Sri Shiva’s sacrifice on taking the halahala visha to save humanity and through the prana dance of Vishnu’s prana across his heart, Lord Shiva danced as Nataraja. Is this in Chidambaram or Thiruvarur – because in Chidambaram also, there is Sri Govindaraja sannidhi – where Sri Vishnu is in reclining pose. Second, there was another story as appendix to the earlier one that when Sri Shiva danced the cosmic dance in the prana of Sri Vishnu, Sri Adisesha wanted to dwelve in the cosmic vibration and took the form of Patanjali and medidated to receive the Yoga Rahasya of the cosmic vibration of Sri Shiva’s dance. This again I am asking if its true, because, in Sri Patanjali’s life history, it is said that he delivered the sermon at Chidambaram and also there is statue of Sri Patanjali and Sri Vyagrapada at the entrance to Sri Nataraja sannidhi at Chidambaram. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Though it is unnecessary to bring this topic here, in my humble understanding, I sincerely doubt the dubious story that an atheist actor, who is well known supporter of some desert religion, made into a film showing difference of opinion between Shivas and Vaishnavas at Chidambaram. I feel that these kinds of ‘mis-information’ from atheist and other religion group supporters should be curbed with iron hand. They are solely meant for separating the Hindu stock.

    Seeking Maha Periyavaa’s grace,

    Thanks and regards,

    • ignore that hypocrite actor….sadly, we cant do much without govt’s help…unfortunately govt also doesnt care….let us ignore these people…

      • Thank you Maheshji, I am also of the same opinion and have stopped watching cinemas altogether. It was painful to note that the same hypocrite actor is going to chair the ‘Chennaiyil Thiruvayyaru’ festival this year.
        It makes me wonder if this is anything close to Thiruvaiyyaru festival other than the name board. Thiruvayyaru is something of a sangeetha samarppanam to Thyagayya swamigal, and here it seems to be like some fashion show @ chennai organized with some atheist actor as the center piece of attention… this atheist sitting in place of thyagayya swamigal – I am not sure except apart from his cinematic nonsense – what other qualification does he have to chair such an august event. Makes me wonder if these kinds of organized festivals are total humbug and money minting ways by cheap hooligans who darn devotee role while in presence of periyavaas and rub shoulders with atheist while away.. very sad. very sad to know that many great music stalwarts also agreed to their concerts in ‘Chennaiyil Thiruvayyaru’.
        Pathetic and painful to see how stooping carnatic music has come now. Don’t know if they knew this and acceptted the concert or not.
        In total contrast – I sincerely feel the anusham festivities at Mambalam is a real festival of music. The Anusham festival imbibes bhakthi and it was a treat to watch mayilattam and sangeetham on Mahaswami. I sincerely feel learned members and Mahaswami’s sincere devotees boycott functions of this ‘atheist’ and ‘hypocrite’ actor.

        Seeking Mahaswami’s grace

        Thanks and regards,


      • Please accept my love. I am thrilled to note that Chidambaram is instrumental in probagating the holy ‘Thirupugaz’ also. Thirpugaz is havig mixure of many Sanskrit & Tamil words and is a wonderful devotional treassure. ‘Vedha mantra swaroopa namo nama:’ in the ‘Naada vindu kalaadhee namo nama:’ says that Lord Muruga is embodiment of Holy Vedas. It is true, because He explained the supreme ‘Pranava (Omkara) mantra’s meaning to Shri Shiva. Further, Shri Mahaperiyava said that we should pronounce as ‘Aardhra-darshanam’ and not ‘Aarundra darshanam’. Here the word ‘Rudra’ is not relevant. Aardhra in Sanskrit means ‘wet’ or ‘nanaindha’ in tamil. On previous night in this cold season he was bathed in chandanam and other abhishekam of cold materials to make him more cooll because He dances in our heated (due to ego etvc.) heart daily . Hence on the next day lmorning He is giving us ‘kulira-kulira darshanam’ to His devotees , taking away all our heated temper, ego. ee etc. So let us try to correctly pronounce the nakshtram as ‘Aardhra’ and the day as ‘Aardhra darshanam’.

  4. I have since studied the photo thoroughly. IT IS NOT THE PHOTO OF CHIDAMBARAM NATARAJA. I t is the vigraha from some other temple, most probably from Sri Arunachaleswara temple, Tiruvannamalai.

  5. I crave indulgence to share one more information with you.
    It is well known that the great Tevaram hymns were discovered in Chidambaram.
    But it is not so well known that Chidambaram is responsible for making even Tiruppugazh known to the world. It came about this way.

    In 1871, there was a religious conference somewhere in Tamil Nad. One Dikshitar from Chidambaram who participated in it quoted a few lines from somewhere, extolling the virtues of the 3000 Vedic Dikshitars who worship Lord Nataraja:

    “Veda noonmurai vazhuvaame dinam
    Velviyal ezhu punai moovaayira
    Menmai vediyar migave poosanai puri kovey”

    ( meaning- O lord who is daily worshipped by the 3000 Vedic Brahmins well versed in the yajnas without departing from the strict rules of the Veda )

    The conference was attended by one Vadakupattu Subramanya Pillai who was a district munsiff but a noble and pious soul and ardent devotee of Lord Subrahmanya of Tiruttani who was his family Deity. He was enchanted by these lines of the poem and asked the Dikshitar their source. The Dikshitar then revealed that they were from some palm leaf manuscripts praising Lord Subrahmanya, and occurred in the hymn beginning ‘Datu maa malar”. The great Subrahmanya Pillai then set about searching for the palm leaves. and eventually came up with the collection of Tiruppugazh hymns which he published.

    Thus Chidambaram is instrumental in bringing forth both Tevaram and Tiruppugazh to the knowledge of the world. All glory to Chidambaram!

  6. Chidambaram is unique. The dancing Lord confers great Ananda- incidentally a word without its opposite. This is to be felt and experienced by every one in his own heart- which is ‘Chidambara rahasya’.
    Unlike in the other temples, here the Lord’s image which adorns the sanctum sanctorum is itself taken out in the Chariot on the four ratha veedis twice a year. The Abhishekam is performed on the next day in the 1000 pillared mantapam.

    Unlike other temples, here the Puja rituals are fully Vedic, not Agamic. The Dikshitars here who perform the pujas are all Vedic pandits, who have learnt them traditionally. ( They are not just Sivacharyas). Sri Rudram is the life-breath here, not incidental or occasional. The pujas and all rituals are still conducted without any departure from traditional prescription or deviation. No wonder they are all highly praised by the Nayanmars in Tevaram hymns. But it is a wonder that this is still maintained in the kali age. I have been visiting Chidambaram for the last 40 years and have been seeing it personally. Mahaperiyava was very fond of Nataraja and his Kunchitapadam.

    This is one temple which has been outside the ambit of the govt so long, but the DMK govt sought to lay its hands on it. The ADMk govt had done nothing to undo this mischief. The matter is before the Supreme Court.

    While I am thrilled to see the photo in this mail, I feel rather sorry and guilty about it.This being Moolavar, we are asked not to photograph it. Being conscientious Sanatanis, we should not have done it.

  7. Great Arudhra Dharshan! Thanks a lot. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

  8. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

    Thanks a lot for the picture and update.

  9. Thanks and pranams for sharing this pic,,was really feeling sad that i could not visit a temple on such an auspicious day of thiruvadirai,,and seems Mahaperiyava just showered His blessings and gave darshan 2 me as Shri Nataraja swamy in this wonderful pic.I am a mariner and now onboard a ship,,,but never fail 2 read this blog! Thanks once again 2 all for posting beautiful pics and experiences….This blog is pooja room for me wen am onboard…..Mahaperiyava sharanam!

  10. Sambo Mahdeva!

    Mahesh. it will also be great if you can post the original link to the article as well.

  11. Om Sri Sivakamasundari Ambal sa metha Sri Nataraja Swamine Namo Namaha. Nama Parvathi pathaye Hara Hara Mahafeva. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

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