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  1. Namaskaram,

    Can any one specify the Dhyana Slokam and Balasthudhi for Adhithya Hridhayam stotram..
    Thanks in advance.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  2. Chant it only after taking a bath.

  3. Very useful..To be informed to all.

  4. Is there any parayana vidhi for Adityahrudaya strothram, few ppl say that it should be chanted only during day time when sun is present…

  5. Here is the translation along with all the said slokas:

    The war between Sri Rama and Ravana was going on in Lanka. Though the great warriors from Ravana’s army had fallen down, he refused to bow down. He was fighting with more energy and valor.
    Sri Rama started worrying about how to make Ravana give up the fight. He couldn’t think of a way to make him bow. Sri Rama also started to be fatigued. At that time, the great sage Agasthya came to the scene.
    Sage Agasthya taught ( gave upadesha to ) Sri Rama, the Adhitya Hrudhaya Stotram, which sings the glory of Sun god, Surya Bhagawan. Sri Rama prayed to Surya and gained his will power, fought valiantly and defeated Ravana. Thus goes the story of Rama in Valmiki Ramayana.
    Our Maha Periyava was conveying this epic story to Sri C.R. Pattabhi Raman, son of Sri. C.P. Ramasamy Iyer. Periyava also added that these 31 slokas appear in Yuddha kandam ( the chapter that describes the war scene between Sri Rama and Ravana) of Valmiki Ramayana. After saying this, periyavaa proceeded to do other things.
    But Sri. C.R. Pattabhi Raman didn’t think that it should be forgotten there. He thought our guru Kanchi mahaan has preached PattabiRaman what Sage Agasthya had preached the great Dasaratha Raman of Threthe yuga. He made a promise to himself that he won’t forget this ever.
    Sri C.R thought it should be widely publicized and all people should pray to Sun God and be blessed with will power and courage by Sun god.
    Here are the slokas:
    nakshatra grahataranam-adhipo vishva-bhavanah |
    tejasamapi tejasvi dvadashatman namo’stu te || 15

    He is the lord of the constellations, stars and planets and the origin of every thing in the universe. Salutations to Aditya who appears in twelve forms (in the shape of twelve months of the year) and whose glory is described in his twelve names.

    namah purvaya giraye pashchimayadraye namah|
    jyotirgananam pataye dinaadhipataye namah || 16

    Salutations to the Lord of sunrise and sunset, who rises at the eastern mountains and sets in the western mountains. Salutations to the Lord of the Stellar bodies and to the Lord of daylight.

    Jayaya jaya bhadraya haryashvaya namo namah |
    namo namah sahasramsho adityaya namo namah || 17

    Oh! Lord of thousand rays, son of Aditi, Salutations to you, the bestower of victory, auspiciousness and prosperity, Salutations to the one who has colored horses to carry him.

    nama ugraya viraya sarangaya namo namah |
    namah padma prabodhaya martandaya namo namah || 18

    Salutations to Martandaya the son of Mrukanda Maharisi, the terrible and fierce one, the mighty hero, the one that travels fast. Salutations to the one whose appearance makes the lotus blossom (also the awakener of the lotus in the heart).

    brahmeshanachyuteshaya suryayadityavarchase |
    bhasvate sarva bhakshaya raudraya vapushe namaha || 19

    Salutations to the Lord of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, salutations to Surya the sun god, who (by his power and effulgence) is both the illuminator and devourer of all and is of a form that is fierce like Rudra.

    tamoghnaya himaghnaya shatrughnayamitatmane |
    kritaghnaghnaya devaya jyotisham pataye namaha || 20

    Salutations to the dispeller of darkness, the destroyer of cold, fog and snow, the exterminator of foes; the one whose extent is immeasurable. Salutations also to the annihilator of the ungrateful and to the Lord of all the stellar bodies, who is the first amongst all the lights of the Universe.

    taptacami karabhaya vahnaye vishvakarmane |
    namastamo’bhinighnaya ravaye (rucaye) lokasakshine || 21

  6. As Ms srividhya pointed out there are only six slokas.Where is the seventh sloka which ends
    with ravaye lokasaa shine… Please clarify.

  7. As Ms srividya mentioned there are only six slogams .what happened to the seventh sloka? Please inform that one also to complete the information.

  8. Kindly translate this in English Please …
    It is a humble request only ….

  9. Great…..message….to all…..loving god….

  10. Hi Mahesh
    I just chanced to visit this thread while searching for info on Aditya Hridaya stotra. I am not good in translating Tamil but after reading the picture here is what I understood to be the gist of Maha Periyavaals message.

    The 7 slokas starting from Nakshatra grahataaraanaam…. and ending with Ravaye loka saakshine has special Mantra Shakti.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable piece of information. May the blessings of divine Aditya shower upon all!


  12. Ever since I read about this from Maha PeriyavAs Darsana Anubhavangal – I make it a point to recite these seven slokas at least once daily. Bestows hitherto unforeseen clarity and freshness true to HIS words!

  13. Namasthe! I could read the display of only 6 lines from that Adhithya hrudhaya slokam. It is not a complete one with all 7 slokams as said by Periyava-i.e it doesn’t end with ‘ravaye loka saakshine’. Is that due to my system compatibility or any other problem? If you can post that again, i will be happy.Thankyou!

  14. C.R.Pattabhiraman was a Union Minister& a great devotee of Maha Periyava,who gave away the entire Mezanine Floor on His building at Oliver Road(next to Tulsi Silks)and he inaugurated Sanskrit classes too there which I used to attend.It is the official Chennai office of Kanchi University.

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