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  1. ‘Kavya kanda Ganapathi Muni’ who gave the name Ramana Maharshi to ‘Brahmana Sanyasi’ and author of ‘Umasahasraham’ which was completed with the last chapter by Sri Ramana Maharshi, had this hole as our Paramacharya has explained.

    Sri Ganapathi Muni is a great Sanskirt Scholar, an ordinant devotee of Bagawan… In fact when He was at Chennai and thought ‘if Bagawan is with us at this moment, it would be good’, Bagawan at that moment fainted at Tiruvannamalai bodily and gave darshan through His sthola Sareeram at Chennai…

    More details and like of Sri Kavyakanda Ganapathy Muni avaialble at Sri Ramanashramam Publications. His potrait is available in the lunch hall as we enter after the first door and juts above the arch of the entrance after the bell, in the hall where all the blessed devotees of Ramana’s time adorn…

    One of the great services of many by the holy Ramanashramam.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara
    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

  2. Namaskarams 🙏 I have heard in many pravachanams that only if our pranam exits via the Sushumna nadi ,located in between Ida nadi and Pingalannaadi , we would have no birth again .
    Can anyone try and locate sacred references to this by Sri Sri Sri Holy Mahaperiyava, regarding Sushuna nadi ?

  3. Very simple way to know & conduct life
    These words penetrate into hridaya thank you for the mail

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