Koti archana @ Mani mandapam

Salutations to HH Mahaperiyava Devotees !
With the fullest anugrahams of HH Mahaperiyava, the MANIMANTAPAM built in deep veneration of HH Mahaperiyava at Orrikkai village near Kanchipuram has been attracting lots and lots of devotees.This engineering marvel built solely on rocks and granite stones symbolising ancient temple architecture is a visual treat to the eyes just as devotees unambiguously feel the spiritual vibrations of HH Mahaperiyava.

All of us are aware of how HH Mahaperiyava – an embodiment of Sanathana Dharma – had travelled thousands and thousands of kms across our country on foot. His last padayatra concluded when he was 9O years of age.

As a humble obeisance to His Holy Lotus Feet, HH Mahaperiyava’s Paduka (adorned in a golden kavacham) was consecrated on 28.01.2011 at this Manimantapam and nithya pooja being performed reverentially
To seek lokakshemam and continued anugrahams of HH Mmahaperiyava, it is the earnest wish of SSSMM trust to conduct a koti archana to this Holy Paduka starting from 14.4.2013 (Tamil New Year Day – Vijaya varusham). Reciting one (HH Mahaperiyava)  Ashtothram for each sankalpam, the aim is a minimum  Lakh of Sankalpams.
All are invited to be part of this holy event and get the divine blessings of HH Mahapeiyava for themselves and their family.
Kotti- Archana- Maha
The following registration form can be used for this purpose. The prasadham will be sent to you by post($10 for outside India), if you are not able to attend personally.
Contacts:  Phone No.044 – 67274466 – E-mail:sssmmtrust@gmail.com

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  1. Dear Sir Namaskarams Please find the registration forms for Koti Archana duly filled for 2 persons 1) G.Ananthakrishnan-HARITA-SADHAYAM-KUMBA RASI-NATARAJA SARMA 2) A.Balakumar-HARITHA-PUSHYAM-KATAKA RASI-GOPAL SARMA

    I have duly remitted Rs 300/- (Rs 150 /- each person) thro State Bank of India,MICO LAYOUT Branch,Bangalore 560076 via NEFT UTRSBINH1310 3693261 on 13.4.13 to the account number 12131555000019287 KVBL 0001213 scanned copy of transaction attached Kindly perform ashtothram and send prasadams to my house address given the form as well below Please send one booklet for Ashtoram by courier or scanned copy for our daily prayer Thanking you and seeking the blessings of PARAMACHARYA Yours sincerely G.Ananthakrishnan #152,SRIKAMAKSHI,3rd Main,MICO LAYOUT BTM 2nd STAGE,Bangalore-560076 TEL: +919980101944

  2. It is an opportunity for everyone of us to participate in the programme of Koti archanai to Maha Periyavaa. This is different from doing Patha Poojai at the Mutt (Maha Periyavaa Brindavanam). Let us make use of this great opportunity and seek the blessings of
    Maha Periyavaa. Thanks for the notification.

    Balasubramanian NR

  3. a few years ago, participated in Sri Matham Maha Periyava Sahasranama Koti archanai and received Prasadams from Mutt promptly. That was done at Maha Periyava Brindavanam. Now this Koti Archana is at Mani Mandapam, Orirukkai. Great opportunity for Bhakthas. Will register and take part with my family. Maha Periyaa ThiruvadiGaLee CharaNam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!


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